Department of Biological Sciences


The Biological Sciences building houses facilities of the biological and health sciences departments. In addition to a wide variety of equipment in individual research laboratories, departmental facilities include optical and electron microscopes, darkroom, environmental chambers, scintillation counters and ultracentrifuges, a greenhouse and a 60-acre wooded preserve, an animal housing facility, and more. Other Life Science departments at Wright State as well as Dayton area institutions (including Wright-Patt Air Force Base, several facilities affiliated with the School of Medicine, and other universities in the Miami Valley consortium) provide further ready access to collaborators, expertise, and equipment.

Research Clusters

Undergraduate Research

The advantage that the biological science major has compared to the rest of the university and beyond is the ability to engage in research and collaboration with faculty, post-doctoral students, and graduate students. The Department offers courses that involve hands-on laboratory research with a faculty member (BIO 4990), literature research (BIO 4880) and undergraduate teaching assistantships (BIO 3990).

A list of faculty research interests and their contact information is listed on the Research Clusters pages of our website. This information will help narrow your search for a research opportunity. To enroll in an independent research course, contact several faculty members in your interest area, meet with them for information and discussion of the research project. Students wishing to register for these courses must first obtain departmental permission.