Our Mission + Your Passion = Success

Creating passion for Science and Mathematics through evidence-based discovery, advancing knowledge of the natural world.

STEM City, living and learning together

New innovative learning community

The goal of STEM City is to boost GPA's, expand social circles, create faculty-to-student connections and keep its residents interested in the sciences, said founder Jennifer Papadakis, academic advisor in the College of Science and Mathematics.

Thinking about graduate school?

Wright State University Graduate School created a video featuring students and faculty from the College of Science and Mathematics. Watch and learn about the exciting research opportunities available to you. 

Grad student is a rising star in terra-firma research

Environmental sciences Ph.D. student Behzad Ghanbarian is a prolific scholar. His mentor, physics professor Allen Hunt Ph.D., calls Ghanbrian's accomplisments "extraordinary." While he was doing research for his Ph.D., Ghanbarian discovered a paper written by Hunt, and began communicating with him. In 2010 he enrolled in Wright State’s environmental sciences Ph.D. program.

Efforts to enhance female STEMM success

Expanding the Women in Science Giving Circle

Thourgh the generosity of its donors, the Women in Science Giving Circle awards faculty grants of $5,000 and student scholarships of $1,500. Since 2008, The Circle has awarded a total of $74,000—10 faculty awards and 16 student scholarships. Awards are distributed to those who do research in everything from neuroscience to cell biology to psychology. 

Researcher investigates insect's secret to long life

Beetle mania

They sound like a rock band. But blue beetles are very much insects—and they may hold the secret to the fountain of youth. Working to unlock the mystery of these mysterious bugs is Wright State University researcher Dean Rider.

Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Science and Mathematics of Wright State University. Research, the creation of knowledge, is vital to our mission, and provides a unique opportunity for our undergraduates to experience the world of science and mathematics at its cutting edge. The hands on, technologically advanced research and internship experiences of our students prepare them to be the workforce of tomorrow. Our goal is the enhancement of science and mathematics education and research at every level, so we reach out to the community and surrounding schools to provide positive science and math experiences in the form of teacher development, science fairs, demonstrations, mathematics competitions, Science Olympiad, and STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) summer camps. Have fun with Science and Mathematics!


Bob Weisman – A Remembrance

Dr. Robert (Bob) Weisman passed away on July 2, 2014, aged 77, leaving a great void in the Wright State family.
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Distinguished Alumni Award

The HF/IO program has recognized four outstanding alumni--Drs. Tony Aretz, Matt Smith, Megan Leasher, and Anu Narayan.

Tony Aretz received his M.A. in Human Factors from Wright State University and his Ph.D. in engineering psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Tony has been the president of the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 2008.

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Leading the pack

Wright State is teeming with leaders who hold national and state positions and populate influential organizations in education, science, labor, health, athletics and the arts.
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Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building ushers in new art at Wright State

Bowling Green artist designs new installation to inspire those working in newest building on Wright State’s campus when it opens in 2015.
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