Executive Search - Dean, College of Science & Mathematics

Candidates for dean of the College of Science and Mathematics will be on campus starting the week of April 18th.

For candidate information, including feedback forms please visit our Executive Search webpage.

Our Mission + Your Passion = Success

Creating passion for Science and Mathematics through evidence-based discovery, advancing knowledge of the natural world.

Summer 2016 MCAT Prep Course

Registration for the Summer MCAT Prep Course is now open

This course is intended to assist students in reviewing the material covered on the MCAT. Grad students and Medical students from Boonshoft School of Medicine cover MCAT topics such as: Biological Sciences, General Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Behavioral Science, and Verbal Reasoning. 


4 p.m.
WSU Student Union

Dean's Message

Science and mathematics help us understand the world. We use science—the scientific method, observation, experiment, interpretation, argument, and proposing hypotheses—to explain what happens around us, in the environment or in our own bodies. We use mathematics—symbols, equations, modeling, and theoretical analysis—to concisely describe what happens around us. When we understand something at a deep level, we use science and mathematics to make predictions about what will happen, if we do this, or if we do that. We modify our hypotheses and our models and our equations as we observe what actually happens. Because science and mathematics are so fundamental, the College of Science and Mathematics takes our mission very seriously, to impart what science and mathematics can do, and to push the envelope of knowledge further out through research.


Wright State President Hopkins urges graduates to serve others

"If you serve others before yourself, there is no limit to what you can do," Wright State President David R. Hopkins told the class of 2016 during the commencement ceremony April 30.
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ACS Local Section Awardees
Annual Poster Session and Patterson College Chemistry Awards

4 WSU Chemistry Students Received Awards at Dayton Local Section of American Chemical Society Meeting

Chemistry Graduate Students, Brady Hall and James Ohaeri, and Undergraduates Nick Yahna and James Herbort received certificates and monetary awards.

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More than 2,000 to graduate at Wright State’s spring commencement ceremony

Wright State will holds its 2016 spring commencement ceremony on Saturday, April 30, at 10 a.m. in the Wright State Nutter Center.
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All the right moves

Wright State student Alimamy Barrie skies in university’s dance program
As a freshman, Alimany Barrie would sneak into classes to watch because he loved dance. Now, he is a senior graduating with a bachelor’s degree in dance and pre-pharmacy.
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