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Creating passion for Science and Mathematics through evidence-based discovery, advancing knowledge of the natural world.

Science in the stacks

Library-going children learn geology from Wright State students

Earth and environmental sciences lecturer Stacey Hundley helps elementary school students make volcanoes during a science summer enrichment program. The summer program is titled "Exploring Earth Science through Explosions, Excavations and the Environment."

Julian Cambronero, Ph.D. receives prestigious award

A fulfilling summer; from international research conference to home town honors

Cambronero, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and a Brage Golding Distinguished Professor Award recipient last year, received the “Hijo Predilecto de la Ciudad” award from his birth town of Manzanares, Spain.

Congratulations to Ivan Medvedev

Presidents Award for Early Career Achievement

Since joining the Department of Physics in 2010, Ivan Medvedev, Ph.D., has established an active and externally funded research program on biomedical applications of terahertz spectroscopy. He recently received a three-year award from Samsung to study blood glucose levels based on chemicals present in expired breath.

Neuroscience Engineering Building ushers in new art at Wright State

3-D asterisks designed to mimic the firing of the brain’s neurons by creating complex, shifting patterns of light and shadow are part of a planned art installation for the new Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building. The instalation is called " Dial" as dozens of dials will be arranged in a grid  on the west wall of the atrium.

Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Science and Mathematics of Wright State University. Research, the creation of knowledge, is vital to our mission, and provides a unique opportunity for our undergraduates to experience the world of science and mathematics at its cutting edge. The hands on, technologically advanced research and internship experiences of our students prepare them to be the workforce of tomorrow. Our goal is the enhancement of science and mathematics education and research at every level, so we reach out to the community and surrounding schools to provide positive science and math experiences in the form of teacher development, science fairs, demonstrations, mathematics competitions, Science Olympiad, and STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) summer camps. Have fun with Science and Mathematics!


Student Health Services ready to help with seasonal illnesses

We’ve all seen and read the stories. Flu season is just around the corner; the mumps has returned to Ohio, a respiratory virus is hitting the Midwest hard, national coverage on Ebola has been non-stop.
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Raider recruitment: Fall Semester Career Fair brings students, alumni and employers together

More than 100 businesses will be on hand for the Wright State Career Fair, which is open to students and alumni on Sept. 16.
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Julian G. Cambronero recognized with prestigious award in Spain, planned successful research conference in New York

The professor of biochemistry and molecular biology organized an international academic conference and received a prestigious award in his hometown in Spain.
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Virtual vicinity

Software company Marxent creates scholarships at Wright State to encourage women to pursue careers in computer vision and related fields.
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