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Creating passion for Science and Mathematics through evidence-based discovery, advancing knowledge of the natural world.

Path to Health Professions Day


Interested in becoming a Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Therapist or any other Health Professional?

Wright State's Pre-Health Advising Program offers an annual event to help students learn more about the professions they are looking into. The event hosts admission representatives from a number of professional schools as well as exhibits about different areas of healthcare. This is a free event open to everyone, high school and college students alike. 



5:00 pm
141 Medical Sciences
1:25 pm
401 Millet Hall

Dean's Message

Science and mathematics help us understand the world. We use science—the scientific method, observation, experiment, interpretation, argument, and proposing hypotheses—to explain what happens around us, in the environment or in our own bodies. We use mathematics—symbols, equations, modeling, and theoretical analysis—to concisely describe what happens around us. When we understand something at a deep level, we use science and mathematics to make predictions about what will happen, if we do this, or if we do that. We modify our hypotheses and our models and our equations as we observe what actually happens. Because science and mathematics are so fundamental, the College of Science and Mathematics takes our mission very seriously, to impart what science and mathematics can do, and to push the envelope of knowledge further out through research.


Microscopic view

Wright State’s Hanna Gabriel '15 manages the new Microscopy Core Facility, housed in the university’s Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building.
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Wright State medical student prepares to lead national SNMA organization

As president-elect of the Student National Medical Association, Christen Johnson has spent much of the year promoting mental health awareness and leadership development.
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Reservoir riddle

A research team from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has won part of a $10 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to study geologically sequestering of carbon dioxide.
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Wright State wins $700,000 grant to help high school teachers earn credentials to teach college courses

Program will cover courses in History, Composition and Rhetoric, Mathematics and Statistics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Music and Physics.
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