Department of Biological Sciences

If you are about learning by experience as you explore the science of living things, Wright State’s Department of Biological Sciences is the place for you! Complete your undergraduate degree in one of our eight academic programs, then step up to the Master of Science program in biological sciences.

You can enjoy several experiential learning opportunities while traveling your path toward graduation and an exciting career in biology. Enroll in marine biology and enjoy fieldwork in Florida. Travel with your classmates to study the Amazon rainforest. Study abroad in Poland as part of an animal behavior course. Field-based internship sites include a bird sanctuary, big cat rescue program, zoos, and nature centers. Work with a faculty sponsor to produce a senior honors thesis as part of our honors research program.

An incredible variety of learning experiences await you at Wright State. Check out our website to find out more.

Areas of Research

  • Adenovirus biology
  • Algae-herbivorous fish interaction
  • Aquaporin transport in cryobiology
  • Biogeochemical cycling
  • Cell surface receptors
  • Cellular defense mechanisms
  • Cellular and molecular physiology
  • Chemoreceptor sensing
  • Chemosensitivity and effects of environmental temperature
  • DNA bioinformatics
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Freeze tolerance in amphibians
  • Freshwater fish and gastropod assemblage
  • Gene expression
  • Gene therapy
  • Genome integrity
  • HIV rev-microtubule interactions
  • Host-microbe interactions
  • Kidney function
  • Lou Gehrig's disease proteins cytotoxicity
  • Molecular genetics learning progressions
  • Natural selection influence on non-coding DNA
  • Nuclear organelles structure/function
  • Parasitic insects
  • Pedagogical content knowledge for scientific modeling
  • Plant responses to herbivores and pathogens
  • Protein glycosylation
  • Speciation genetics
  • Stem cell biology and regeneration in flatworms
  • Virus-cell interactions

Tanner Hudson

“The College of Science and Mathematics is a place where students are provided opportunities for success and a platform to chase their dreams. I am majoring in biological science with an applied physiology concentration and a pre-medicine focus. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend medical school. My current medical interests include sports medicine and oncology. I work as a learning assistant for general chemistry at Wright State. I am also a member of the Pre-Health Society, the Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association, and the Student Honors Association. I serve as a volunteer in the emergency department at Soin Medical Center. I have a passion for serving my hometown and do so as
often as possible.”

Isaiah Jordon

“I decided to pursue a career path in the sciences during my senior year of high school. My eye doctor, whom I’ve known and looked up to my whole life, took me under his wing and showed me the benefits of optometry and his love for the job. I knew this would be the path I would follow; it felt like the right decision and seemed almost like a calling.”

Department News

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Home grown

Roots of pre-med student Yoon-Jae Yi run deep at Wright State
There’s no place like home. And for Yoon-Jae Yi, a psychology and French major, that place is Wright State University.

Unity rock

Wright State associate professor teams up with a 2018 grad and his son to paint a message of unity on the Wright State Rock.

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