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Wright State’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that can help you get to where you want to go.

The Bachelor of Science in mathematics program offers three concentrations: pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and mathematics education. These three programs, as well as the Bachelor of Science in Statistics program, are adaptable to many of your potential postgraduate goals, from various scientific or professional careers to graduate school. The Bachelor of Arts program provides a broad background in mathematics with a liberal arts orientation.

Wright State’s dual degree programs in applied mathematics applied statistics, and mathematics allows you to earn both your B.S. and M.S. degrees in less time than the traditional degree path. Of course, you can enroll in any of the three master’s degree programs even if you haven’t elected the dual degree option. Complete your studies and broaden your career horizons with a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary applied science and mathematics.

Pursue directed research alongside faculty members who believe in your pioneering potential. You will benefit from their engagement in original research in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education.

Following graduation, you can join other alumni in finding important uses in virtually all facets of scientific and commercial activity. The mathematical sciences are particularly well-suited as languages for the quantitative analysis of complex problems, whether these problems arise in engineering, biological, economic, or a myriad other contexts. The study of mathematics and statistics is a rewarding endeavor, both personally and professionally. Explore the world of mathematics and statistics with us.


Our academic programs include many essential course offerings, including calculus, differential equations with matrix algebra, elementary linear algebra, and complex variables.

Areas of Research


  • Geometric analysis and PDE
  • Nonlinear PDEs, applied analysis and real harmonic analysis
  • Operator theory

Applied Mathematics

  • PDE and applications
  • Control and optimization
  • Numerical and computational math
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Combinatorics and coding theory
  • Graph theory and matroid theory

Mathematics Education

  • Algebra and Calculus: concepts and reasoning
  • Mathematical knowledge for teaching
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Professional development and lesson study
  • Statistical reasoning

Statistics and Probability

  • Statistical theory, methods, and applications
  • Experimental design and testing hypotheses
  • Biostatistics
  • Probability and stochastic processes
  • Bioinformatics and statistical genomics
  • Machine learning

Becca Ewing

“I work on campus as a teaching assistant for the math department and as a tutor in the Math Learning Center. I am passionate about teaching math and love to help my fellow students to have a good experience learning and growing in their understanding of math concepts. I hope to go to graduate school and study astronomy as well as pursue my Ph.D. in physics.”

Jace Robinson, '16

Jace Robinson graduated in Spring 2016 with B.S. in mathematics. He is currently a graduate researcher in the Web and Complex Systems Lab and Kno.e.sis Research Center in the computer science department at Wright State. “What I love most about Wright State is the ability to be more than just a number,” Robinson said. “Being a medium-sized university gives us the best of both worlds for opportunities; we have a small university feel with large university resources.”

Department News

Big numbers

SMART scholarship and Air Force research pave the way for Wright State student Cameron Sterrett
Thanks to a scholarship, Cameron Sterrett, an applied mathematics major at Wright State, has an internship and full-time job lined up after he graduates.

Opportunity knocks

Area companies continue to hire Wright State students and recent graduates for internships and full-time jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic
Students and alumni are encouraged to utilize Wright State Career Services and the many important tools they provide to assist with job searching.

More than 2,100 Wright State students complete requirements for graduation as class of 2020

While graduating students have had their official celebration put on hold due to COVID-19, Wright State will recognize their many achievements as they have completed their degree requirements.

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