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Featured Program: Actuarial Science

“The courses I took as a part of the actuarial science program helped me prepare for two rigorous actuarial exams, which ultimately led to an internship and a full-time job. I am now able to apply many of the concepts I learned in my classes at my current job.”

—Kurt Kaskey

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Actuarial Science Concentration.

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EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING and Undergraduate Research

Hands-on experience is part of developing the analytical and quantitative skills you came to college to acquire. Our many business partners in the Dayton area mean you have access to top experts and facilities where you can apply your knowledge to real-world problems—and perhaps find your future career—during internships, co-ops, job shadowing, research, and other learning experiences.

Courses for Non-Math/Statistics Majors

You can sign up for first-year mathematics and statistics courses that meet the general education and major requirements for all undergraduate degree programs at Wright State. We offer support that will help you thrive in these classes. Find out more about math placement and the Math Learning Center.

Success Stories

Student Profile

A great environment

For electrical engineering major and resident assistant Emma Porter, Wright State feels like home.
Student Profile

Satellite link

Wright State mathematics major Catherine Embury researches satellites for NASA as part of an internship
Helping improve the tracking of and communication with small satellites to aid in space exploration is part of mathematics major Catherine Embury’s job description.
Alumni Profile

Kaitlyn Herbst, ’19

At Wright State, you can find your people, find your mentor, and find your future. Kaitlyn Herbst ’19 found her people when she switched majors and began studying statistics.
Alumni Profile

Wright State actuarial science students and grads finding home at CANARY Consulting

CANARY Consulting has a thing for finance and statistics students from Wright State University.