Department of Biological Sciences

Honors Program

The Honors program is centered on the production of a senior honors thesis based on original research. The student works closely with a faculty sponsor on the formulation and execution of the research project and thesis preparation. The faculty sponsor, in concurrence with the departmental Honors Committee, is responsible for the evaluation and approval of the thesis.

The individual student is responsible for initiating an application for admission to the Honors Program and for obtaining the sponsorship of a departmental faculty member. A typical program will consist of a year of participation, although, at the option of the student and faculty sponsor, a year-and-a-half program may be submitted.

The completed application form must be filed with the Honors Committee on or before the end of the Spring Semester of the student's junior year. A 3-5 page proposal is expected to be completed after one semester of acceptance into the program.

For information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Peters at 937-775-3173 or

Biological Sciences Honors Program Information and Application Form (PDF)