Department of Biological Sciences

Internship Program

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a broad, integrated, and in-depth approach to the life sciences. The internship provides experiences unavailable in the classroom and allows students to be exposed to science research and techniques outside the Department of Biological Sciences and Wright State University. As a student, you can decide what areas of biology you would like to explore and gain valuable experience.

The goal of the internship program is to provide a practical work experience for students enrolled in the Department of Biological Sciences and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Students can use their internship as life science electives within their curriculum. The experience you receive during your internship will:

  • Sharpen your skills by giving you the opportunity to apply already developed knowledge of principles, methods and practices with the biological sciences
  • Prepare you for continuing study by providing a better understanding of the relevance that the course work has to real-world situations
  • Afford your sponsoring institution an opportunity to train you and other students, gain use of your skills on a short term basis, and evaluate your future potential for long-term employment after graduation
  • Promote a close working partnership between the University, Department of Biological Sciences and scientists in industry and government

For more information, see the Internship Program Packet (DOC).