Department of Biological Sciences

Research in Biology

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We study these organisms in a diverse range of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, from the campus woods to Ecuadorian tropical cloud forests and African Great Lakes.

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We also engage in laboratory-based experiments and analysis in such disciplines as genetics, ecosystem ecology, physiology, taxonomy, botany, and ecoinformatics.

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Our campus facilities include a greenhouse, aquarium room, and a forested, 75 hectare biology preserve.


Faculty Research Interests

Brief descriptions of the biology faculty research interests are listed below. For more thorough descriptions of research and training opportunities, please go to the individual faculty members page.

photo of Volker Bahn, Ph.D.

Volker Bahn, Ph.D.

Species Distribution Modeling

photo of Don Cipollini, Ph.D.

Don Cipollini, Ph.D.

Chemical Ecology of Plants and Herbivores

photo of lynn hartzler

Lynn Hartzler, Ph.D.

Vertebrate Respiratory Physiology

photo of katie hossler

Katie Hossler, Ph.D.

Wetlands Ecology & Biogeochemical Cycling

photo of stephen jacquemin

Stephen Jacquemin, Ph.D.

Ecology and Evolution of Freshwater Fishes and Gastropods

photo of Shulin Ju, Ph.D.

Shulin Ju, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology of Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS)

photo of Ola Kolawole, Ph.D.

Ola Kolawole, Ph.D.

Virology, Cell & Molecular Biology

photo of dan krane

Dan Krane, Ph.D.

Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics

photo of jeffrey peters

Jefferey Peters, Ph.D.

Molecular Ecology and Population Genetics

photo of William Romine, Ph.D.

William Romine, Ph.D.

Educational Measurement and Learning Analytics

photo of megan rua

Megan Rua, Ph.D.

Terrestrial Microbial Ecology

photo of john stireman

John Stireman, Ph.D.

Insect Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution

photo of Rebecca Teed, Ph.D.

Rebecca Teed, Ph.D.

Research on Learning & Paleoclimatology

photo of Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D.

Yvonne Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D.

Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology

photo of Andrew Voss, Ph.D.

Andrew Voss, Ph.D.

Skeletal Muscle and Neuromuscular Physiology

photo of Quan Zhong, Ph.D.

Quan Zhong, Ph.D.

Cell/molecular Biology of Neurodegenerative Disease