Department of Physics

Why Study Physics at Wright State?

Wright State’s Department of Physics has a track record you can count on! If you want to pursue a challenging but rewarding career, consider our four undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs and five graduate degree programs.

Our graduates are professors, scientists, and engineers employed at national laboratories and a variety of private companies. They also work outside of science and engineering as medical doctors and legal counsel for corporations.

Since 1965, more than 300 students have successfully completed their physics studies at Wright State. Many of our graduates are or have been employed with area companies such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Berriehill Research Corporation, Cornerstone Research, Defense Research Associates, Mound Labs, Photon-X, Prime Control, SET Associates, Spectral Energetics, and Spectral Energies. These are just a few companies that hire Wright State physics graduates for both careers and internships/co-ops.

You can find work here in Dayton—but you can also complete your studies here. First, choose an undergraduate program. When you do, consider our 4+1 dual-degree option that allows you to complete your B.S. and M.S. in five years. Finish your preparation with a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary applied science and mathematics that will give you the education needed to apply for any position, anywhere, in this field! 

Areas of Research

  • Biophysics 
  • Chemical sensing 
  • Computational physics 
  • Electrical properties of random media 
  • Geophysics 
  • High temperature superconductivity 
  • Ionospheres 
  • Magnetic properties of materials 
  • Materials science 
  • Metallic nanoparticles 
  • Modeling of biological processes 
  • Molecular spectroscopy 
  • Optical characterization of solids 
  • Percolation theory 
  • Physics education 
  • Quantum electronics 
  • Scaling phenomena 
  • Semiconductor electrical and optical characterizations 
  • Solid state electronics 
  • Terahertz imaging 
  • Terahertz Research Cluster 
  • Theoretical physics 
  • Thermospheres of earth and planets 
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy 

Degrees and Programs

Success Stories

Former Raider and professional soccer player Christopher Dupont returned to Wright State to conduct research while pursuing M.D. and Ph.D. degrees.
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Wright State in April, Jacen Urbaniak will pursue a Ph.D. in physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Department News

Wright State physicist Allen Hunt reveals new hydrology model in research paper

Allen Hunt, professor of physics at Wright State, has published a new research paper in the journal AGU Advances.

Kicking off a medical career

Former Raider and professional soccer player Christopher Dupont returned to Wright State to conduct research while pursuing M.D. and Ph.D. degrees.

Ohio, the future home of advanced semiconductors

How Wright State is preparing the workforce needed to manufacture advanced technology to power smartphones, fighter jets, and cars
Intel will bring thousands of jobs to Ohio and invest over $100 million into colleges and universities to prepare the workforce of the future.

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