Experiential Learning

Wright State’s College of Science and Mathematics believes the science we teach must reflect the science we do. We hope you will appreciate our dedication to ensuring experiential opportunities for students like you. 

You want meaningful, hands-on work in your degree field. We provide this through: 

  • Undergraduate research 
  • Internships  
  • Externships 
  • Co-ops 
  • Shadowing 
  • Financial support 
  • Academic support 
  • Appropriate credit 

Through experiential learning, you will leave Wright State prepared for regional and global career opportunities in STEMM workforces. 

Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning

Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning is where you start your journey into expanding your education outside of the traditional classroom. 

The Applying Scientific Knowledge (ASK) Program is a way for science and math majors to engage in undergraduate research as part of their coursework. In the ASK program, coursework and undergraduate research are one and the same. 

Internships and Co-ops

Internships and co-ops are excellent opportunities to "test the water" and make sure you are on the right career path. They provide on-the-job experience and a preview of what work in your chosen field is really like.