Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Transfer Course Evaluation Requests

Before you pay for that math or statistics course from another college over the summer, you need to make sure that it will transfer and be accepted by Wright State. By following the procedure below you can save money and time by having the course evaluated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 

Step 1: Get a hard copy of the syllabus for the class. The syllabus must contain:

  • a general course description
  • a list of the topics covered
  • the number of credit hours
  • the prerequisite course
  • the textbook(s) used in the course.

Step 2: Make an appointment with your academic advisor and ask him or her to request a course evaluation. Tell your advisor what Wright State math or statistics course you believe the course is equivalent to.

Step 3: Give your academic advisor the syllabus. He or she will send it to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for evaluation. Once the course has been evaluated the results will be sent to your academic advisor who will contact you.

NOTE: The evaluation process generally takes up to 10 business days. During academic breaks and summer term it may take longer. If 10 business days have passed and you want to know the status of your request contact your academic advisor. Do not contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.