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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Concentration

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Why Choose Applied Mathematics?

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics provides you with a mixture of courses in pure and applied mathematics, physics, and engineering, with the following goals in mind:

  • Familiarity with the basic mathematical tools used in all branches of science and technology
  • Training in logical and abstract reasoning
  • Advanced study in applied mathematics itself
  • Familiarity with the types of problems encountered in other fields
  • Experience with the use of computers and computer programming

If you find mathematics interesting, this program will offer you an ideal combination of intellectual challenge and employability. The applied mathematics cncentration is excellent preparation for graduate study in engineering, physics, operations research, or applied mathematics itself.

Because the applications of mathematics are so diverse, this program has considerable flexibility. The emphasis is on mathematics that is useful in solving problems arising in engineering, physics, and other sciences. During the junior and senior years, you will be encouraged to choose technical electives from other departments. In additional to broadening mathematical, statistical, and engineering backgrounds, these electives could enable you to pursue an interest in different fields during your career or prepare you for future study in virtually all STEM areas.


Mohamed H. M. Sulman, Ph.D.
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Don’t limit yourself to one career field! Wright State University’s undergraduate and graduate programs in mathematics and statistics give you many options. You can prepare for further graduate work. If you want to enter the workforce immediately upon graduating you will have the tools that provide you with almost limitless employment options.

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Real-World Experience

Hands-on experience is part of developing the analytical and quantitative skills you came to college to acquire. Our many business partners in the Dayton area mean you have access to top experts and facilities where you can apply your knowledge to real-world problems—and perhaps find your future career—during internships, co-ops, job shadowing, research, and other learning experiences.

Success Stories

Thanks to a scholarship, Cameron Sterrett, an applied mathematics major at Wright State, has an internship and full-time job lined up after he graduates.

Academics and Curriculum

View Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Concentration program information, degree requirements, and graduation planning strategy in the Academic Catalog.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Degree Requirements Checklist (PDF)


Review the admission requirements and complete the admission application. Identify whether you will be majoring in mathematics.

If you are a current student and wish to change majors, go to the WINGS Express major/minor change request form and change your major.  If you are an undecided/exploratory student, talk to your advisor about majoring in mathematics.