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Why Choose the Mathematics Program?

The mathematics component of the Bachelor of Arts program surveys the classical areas of mathematicsanalysis, algebra, and geometryand their history. Courses in statistics and in computer science provide a taste of two relatively young branches of the mathematical sciences. In addition, a broad choice of electives allows one to either pursue greater depth in one of these areas, or to sample a broader range of courses in mathematics, statistics, and computing.

The Bachelor of Arts program features breadth and flexibility. For instance, there is a Related Course Requirement specifically designed to accommodate subject matter outside the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and even outside both the College of Science and Mathematics and the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Other elective courses can be chosen with essentially no restriction. To examine the remarkable variety of possibilities, see the Wright State University Undergraduate Catalog; listed there are hundreds of courses which can be selected by students in this program.

Academics and Curriculum

View Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics program information and degree requirements in the University Catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Degree Requirements (PDF)


Phan Loi, Ph.D.
105 Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences Building
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Students must apply for admission to Wright State University.

Declaring your Major

To apply for admission in the College of Science and Mathematics, students must fill out a “Change of Major” form and declare their area of emphasis (this can be done online through WINGS Express). Often students who have declared “mathematics or statistics” as their area of interest on their Wright State admissions applications will be automatically sent to the College of Science and Mathematics from University College when entrance requirements are met. If this is not the case, students must fill out a change of major form and declare one of the following areas:

  • Mathematics (B.A.)
  • Mathematics (B.S.)
  • Statistics (B.S.)
  • Dual Majors

Articulation (Transfer) Agreements

Wright State has articulation agreements with a number of institutions. Articulation agreements will assure you a seamless transfer from one institution to another. To view current articulation agreements and determine which courses will transfer, visit the Articulation Agreements page or