Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Technology Requirements for Summer Semester 2020

The following is a list of Summer Semester 2020 Math and Stats courses and what technology is required when taking the courses. If you need assistance with acquiring these items, please contact the Math Office at 937-775-2785 or send an email to You can also contact CaTS at for further assistance.

Course Instructor Tech Needed
MTH 1280-C02/C72  Curry Webcam, scanning or pictures
MTH 1350-C01 Dahl Webcam
MTH 1450-C01/C71 Curry Webcam, microphone
MTH 2300-C01 Zhou Webcam
MTH 2310-C01 Loi  
MTH 2310-C02 Slilaty  
MTH 2320-C01 C. Huang Webcam, smartphone/tablet
MTH 2350-C01 Q. Li  
MTH 2530-C01 Slilaty  
MTH 2570-C01 Chen Webcam, microphone
MTH 4240/6240-C01 Chen Webcam, microphone
MTH 6050-C01 Sulman Webcam, microphone, printer (recommended)
STT 1600-C01 Dahl Webcam
STT 1600-C02 Potts Webcam, microphone
STT 4640/6640-C01 Al-Yassin Webcam, microphone