Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program

Student Testimonials

Why should you study at our Human Factors and Industrial Organizational Program? Each year we ask our graduate to comment on our program. Check their comments we received from the previous years here and you might be able to find answers. 


  • "Faculty are very understanding."
  • "Faculty availability is phenomenal. They make themselves available for all students."
  • "Faculty are willing to support each student's individual needs/goals."
  • "The department has done a good job establishing and promoting a collaborative environment among the students and faculty. Not only do the students feel comfortable going to each other for help/advice, but any student could approach any faculty member for help as well."
  • "I like the feeling that I can ask pretty much anyone in the department, student or faculty, for help and receive good guidance."
  • "The faculty has been very supportive and understanding.  I really love how willing they are to work with us or answer any questions we have.  It’s nice to know that they care and are interested in seeing us succeed."
  • "My advisor is always available as a resource to me, and he is willing to provide any assistance I need for my research."
  • "My advisor is always available and includes me in numerous projects.  All faculty are available for consultation."


(FYI: April is our administrative specialist and Sue is our department support supervisor)

  • "I would like to thank staff (April and Sue) and all the student workers for all of the help."
  • "The front office staff members are extremely helpful. Staff (Sue and April) go above and beyond their job duties to help grad students"


  • "The structure is well established and easy to follow. There are always people to talk to if there is any confusion on what needs to be done."
  • "I know that when the department can help financially, they will. I also appreciate the flexibility that the department provides for individuals in non-normal situations."
  • "The department collaborates well and gives the student flexibility to study what interests them."
  • "The program definitely seems to have a collaborative, instead of competitive, culture among graduate students."
  • "I think the department also does a good job of letting us know about upcoming events, job opportunities, and volunteer opportunities."


  • "The contents in different courses correspond well to each other.  Faculty remain focused on making sure students remain on track in terms of progress throughout the program."
  • "I like the way classes are taught and discussions are conducted in class."


  • "I love the culture of learning is more important than grades."
  • "I love the collegial environment established between the faculty and graduate students."