Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program

Recent Faculty Grants

  • Herbert ColleGraphic Kiosk Interfaces, NCR Corporation.
  • Robert GilkeyVirtual Environment for Ground Observation, Search, and Tracking of Aircraft in an Experimental Setting, Air Force Research Laboratory. 
  • Assaf HarelSystem for Assessing Complex Contextual Attention and Dynamic Engagement, Air Force Research Laboratory.
  • Assaf HarelThe Role of Dynamic Representational Networks in Expertise in Visual Scene Recognition, Office of Naval Research. 
  • Ion Juvina; Assaf HarelLapses of Attention Predicted in Semi-structured Ecological Settings, Office of Naval Research.
  • Ion JuvinaTheory and Research Unifying Social, game-Theoretical, Ecological, Cognitive &Computational Approaches to Trust Dynamics, Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
  • Tamera Schneider; Trust Calibration & Human-Machine Teaming, Air Force Research Laboratory.
  • Valerie ShalinMaximizing Novel Measures, Army Research Laboratory.
  • Valerie ShalinSocial and Physical Sensing Enabled Decision Support for Disaster Management and Response, NSF.
  • Valerie ShalinMedium: Context-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media, NSF.
  • Valerie ShalinSupport for TAVERN: Task Analysis Visualization Environment Needs Requirements, Charles River Analytics Inc.