Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program


Where do our students go after graduation with a Ph.D. degree?

The Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program was established in 1992. We admitted our first class in 1993, and we graduated our first Ph.D. student in 1997. To date, we have graduated more than 70 Ph.D. students.  Our alumni have chosen careers in 1) applied settings, including consulting/contractor organizations, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and government agencies and 2) academic settings, supporting bachelor's, masters, and doctoral programs in the U.S. and abroad. 

Our Ph.D. graduates have gone on to amazing careers in Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  We believe we can provide you with the education and experience you need to help you find and begin your amazing career.

Name Job Title Employer Year Program
Montana Woolley Industrial-Organizational Psychologist   2022 IO
Taleri Hammack Human Factors Engineer Infoscitex Corp. 2022 HF
Abraham Haskins Human Factors Engineer Boeing 2021 IO
Mark Roebke Course Director Applied Research Solutions supporting the Air Force Institute of Technology 2021 IO
Kent Etherton Research Scientist Leidos contracted with Air Force Research Laboratory 2021 IO
Alice Pyclik Research Consultant Talent Plus 2021 IO
Cara Kneeland Engineering Psychologist Commander Naval Surface Force, US Pacific Fleet 2021 HF
Alexander Hough Research Psychologist DOD civilian at Air Force Research Laboratory 2021 HF
Nick Kovacs Talent Consultant Mix Talent 2021 IO
Joseph Dagosta N/A N/A 2020 IO
Cheyna Brower  Psychological Research Intern National Center for Organizational Development at the VA 2020 IO
Daniel Bashore Talent Assessment Consultant SKS Consulting 2020 IO
Beth Bullemer Human Factors Scientist Abbott (via Hamm Interactive) 2019 HF
Elizabeth Frost Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2019 HF
Kinsey Bryant-Lees Assistant Professor Northern Kentucky University 2019 IO
Hanshu Zhang Postdoc Research Fellow Carnegie Mellon University 2019 HF
Elizabeth Fox Postdoc Research Fellow Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education 2019 HF
Anthony Gibson Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2019 IO
August Capiola Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2018 HF
Tyler Barnes Personnel Psychologist

VHA National Center for Organizational Development.  

2018 IO
Clayton Rothwell Assistant Professor Ohio State University 2018 HF
Andrew Hampton

Research Scientist Assistant Professor

University of Memphis 2018 HF
Jenny Baumgartner Artiano Postdoc Research Fellow University of California San Diego 2018 HF
Lisa Douglas Experience Research Manager Rapid7 2017 HF
Kyle Behymer Human Factors Specialist Infoscitex 2017 HF
Silas Martinez Assistant Professor United States Army War College                2017 IO
F. Eric Robison Research Psychologist Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton 2017 HF
Jerred Holt Research Scientist Air Force Research Laboratory 2016 HF
Steve Khazon Research Scientist Amazon 2016 IO
David Periard Research Scientist Amazon 2016 IO
Caitlan Rizzardo Research Scientist Aptima 2016 HF
Jordan Haggit

Cognitive Systems Engineer

Mile Two 2016 HF
Kathleen Van Bremen Senior Consultant Select International 2016 IO
Suzanne Dean

Contract Consultant

Growthplay and CPS HR

2016 IO
Sarah Jackson Adjunct Professor Wright State University 2016 HF
Katherine Lippa Pending Non-Tenure Track Faculty Pool University of Texas, Austin 2016 HF
John Kegley Research Scientist Aptima 2016 HF
Darrell Kelly

Leader, Talent Development 

Newell Brands

2016 IO
James Garrett Research Scientist / Portfolio Manager NASA Johnson Space Center 2016 HF
Micheal Hoepf Psychologist-Human Performance Investigator National Transportation Safety Board  2015 IO
Caleb Bragg Associate Professor Central Connecticut State University 2015 IO
April Courtice Consumer & Market Knowledge Manager Procter & Gamble 2015 HF
Marc Winterbottom Sr. Research Psychologist USAF School of Aerospace Medicine 2015 HF
Corinne Wright Senior Director of Date Strategy ADP 2015 HF
Megan Morris

 Research Psychologist    

Air Force Research Laboratory

2014 IO
Sheldon Russell Senior Research Associate Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 2014 HF
Erin O’Brien Post-Doctoral Fellow Army Research Institute 2014 IO
Julie Steinke Lead Behavioral Scientist The MITRE Corporation 2014 IO
Elizabeth Peyton Postdoctoral Fellow VHA National Center for Organization Development 2014 IO
John McIntire Engineering Research Psychologist US Air Force Research Labs, 711 Human Performance Wing 2014 HF
Cristina Kirkendall Research Psychologist U.S. Army Research Institute 2013 IO
Jeh Cooper Human Performance Analyst Canadian Nuclear Laboratories 2013 HF
Patrick Clark Senior Behavioral Analyst Infor PeopleAnswers 2013 IO
Kathryn Van Dixhorn Sr. Consultant, HR Advanced Analytics Nationwide Insurance 2013 IO
Stephen Gabbard Lecturer and Associate Brand Manager Wright State University 2013 HF
Timothy McEwen Scientist Charles River Analytics 2012 HF
Jenna Filipkowski Research Director Human Capital Institute (HCI) 2012 IO
Zachary Kalinoski Senior Consultant SkillCheck Assessments 2012 IO
Greg Hammond   CPS HR Consulting 2011 IO
Kevin Eschleman Associate Professor San Francisco State University 2011 IO
Qiang Wang Associate Professor East China University of Science and Technology 2011 IO
Brian Simpson Technial Advisor and Senior Engineering Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2011 HF
Gene Alarcon Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2009 IO
Markus Feufel Assistant Professor Technische Universität Berlin  2009 HF
Bradley Schlessman Research Scientist Chally Group Worldwide 2009 HF
Esteban Tristan Safety Practice Manager Select International 2009 IO
Satomi Maeda Global Coordinator Leave a nest Co. 2009 HF
Pam Garverick Instructor Wright State University 2009 HF
Elizabeth Lerner Visiting Research Assistant Professor University of Illinois at Chicago 2009 HF
Candace Eshelman-Haynes Human Factors Analyst NATO Allied Command Transformation 2009 HF
Shia Regina Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2008 HF
Daniel Schwartz Direct Product Management Liberty Mutual Insurance 2008 HF
Mei-Hua Lin Associate Professor Sunway University 2008 IO
Chad Thompson VP, Consulting and Assessment Taylor Strategy Partners 2008 IO
Charlene Stokes Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2008 HF
Anupama Narayan Associate Professor University of Tulsa 2008 IO
John McKee Manager, Client Insights, and Analysis American Century Investments 2007 IO
Megan Leasher

Chief Solutions Strategist  

Talent Plus 2007 IO
Louise Rasmussen Principal Scientist Global Cognition 2007 HF
Mark Palumbo Assistant Professor Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2007 IO
Gina Thomas Research Engineer Air Force Research Laboratory 2005 HF
Joseph Lyons Senior Research Psychologist Air Force Research Laboratory 2005 HF
Paul Heintz Associate Professor Edison State Community College 2005 IO
Kevin Gildea Research Psychologist Federal Aviation Administration 2004 HF
Hal Guterman Vice President, Performance Consulting Psychological Associates 2004 IO
Phill Mangos President and Chief Scientist Adaptive Immersion Techologies 2003 IO
Matthew Smith Sr. Project Engineer Delphi 2000 HF
Russell Beauregard Principal Engineer Intel Corporation 2000 IO
Patrick Monnier Street Photographer    1999 HF
Terry Stanard Senior Research Psychologist US Air Force Research Labs, 711 Human Performance Wing 1998 HF
Cindy Dominguez Principal Cognitive Scientist MITRE 1997 HF


* If the information above is not accurate, please contact for updating and correction