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Psychology Department and College of Science and Mathematics Events

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Dayton Community Outreach Activities

The Department of Psychology works to promote the science of psychology and more broadly STEMM throughout our community.  We participate in TechFest and Exploring STEMM events and do outreach at high schools like the Trotwood Madison High School Science Fair.  

Internally we work to promote psychology majors and minors through events like the Raider Open House and Graduate Student Panels. We believe that successful programs of study must engage with the community working to promote the science of psychology and foster volunteering in the community by our students, faculty, and staff.

If you are interested in the Department of Psychology visiting your organization or participating in an event, please contact Dr. Martin Gooden at

Brown Bag Seminar Schedule

The Department of Psychology holds weekly meetings called Brown Bags where faculty and student research is discussed, outside speakers are brought in, or information regarding the graduate program is addressed.

Brown Bag Seminar Recordings

October 28, 2022: Effects of Resilience and Work Engagement on Employee Wellbeing and Counterproductive Work Behavior among Executives of Pharmaceutical Industries

March 24, 2023: First Year Experience, Andrew Tangeman

February 10, 2023

February 3, 2023: Teaching Marines to Read, Kevin Schmidt

January 27, 2023: How my Human Factors Career has Influenced my Community Activism, Julio C Mateo

January 20, 2023: A Brief Introduction to Some Burning Questions About Large Language Model
October 21, 2022: Online Exams in Pilot

September 23, 2022: Careless Responding Projects


October 22, 2021: My First Year research Experience, Liam Stalker

October 20, 2021: Special Memory

October 15, 2021: What I did on my Summer Vacation, Scott Watamaniuk

October 1, 2021: My First Year Accomplishments, Tyler Vonderhaar

September 17, 2021

February 19, 2021: Amazon's Mechanical Turk

February 5, 2021: What's Stopping You?

February 2, 2021: A New Way to Poster

January 29, 2021: An Illustrated Guide to Science-Skeptical Attitudes

November 20, 2020: Climbing the Ladder of Human Action and the Ladder of Causation

November 13, 2020: Social Stressors, Emotional Labor, and Voice on Attitudinal and Behavorial Outcomes

November 6, 2020: Role Overload: Examining the Definition and Measurement of a Common Work Stressor

October 30, 2020: Applying Human Systems Integration to Optimize the Naval Aviation Selection Test Battery