Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program

Careers in Environmental Sciences

Our graduates represent a number of subdisciplines in which a student can be trained in our program and generally find gainful employment across the spectrum of job sectors.


Several of our graduates have taken post-doctoral training opportunities immediately after graduating in such areas as ecology and evolution, climate and hydrological modeling, and nanotoxicology. Post-docs have been taken at such institutions as University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Freie Universitat -Berlin, North Carolina State University, Tulane University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and at a US EPA laboratory with support of a National Research Council fellowship. The first program graduate to land a faculty position did so in 2012, four years after completing her Ph.D. at Wright State.


Two graduates with geology/geochemical foci have secured jobs with ExxonMobil and BP. One GIS specialist started her own environmental consulting company, and one graduate in geochemistry has worked for a private consulting/engineering company. 


One graduate works as an Environmental Specialist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, a job that was facilitated by an internship opportunity while she was still enrolled, and one graduate works as an environmental specialist in the sanitary sewer division of the Ohio EPA. One recent graduate works for the state of Florida as an Invasive Species Assessment Coordinator. Two recent graduates are currently exploring options.