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  • Cytotoxicity of redox active N-heterocyclic carbene annulated gold complexes
    Kuppuswamy Arumugam, Ph.D.
  • Single-crystal x-ray diffraction to examine: polymer precursors and pendants with interest in their non-linear optical properties, sydnones, crystalline battery substrates, and novel organic and inorganic molecules
    David A. Grossie, Ph.D.
  • Development of Surface Modified Electrodes
    Suzanne Lunsford, Ph.D.
  • An Electrochemical Approach to Control the Ring size of Cyclic Polyesters

Organic and Polymer

  • Electrochemical approach to control the ring size of cyclic polyesters, Functional polymeric hybrid materials
    Kuppuswamy Arumugam, Ph.D.
  • Organic synthesis of haplomyrtin and cyclopentadienones, monomer/polymer synthesis of conducting and electronically active organic materials, study of thermally stable and potentially ordered polymers and bifunctional monomers
    William Feld
  • Synthesizing funtionalized highly branched polymers, using kinetic parameters to control polycondensation reactions that lead to linear and branched polymers, synthesis of new and interesting monomers
    Eric Fossum, Ph.D.
  • Combinatorial organic synthesis and bioorganic, heterocyclic natural products
    Daniel Ketcha, Ph.D.


  • Computer simulations to study molecular hydrogen storage capacity in nanostructured carbon materials, study performance efficiency of organic photovoltaic materials
    Rachel Aga, Ph.D.
  • Laser-initiated gas-phase chemical chain reaction and energy transfer kinetics observed with time-resolved infrared fluorescence techniques; Laser-excited fluorescence spectroscopy
    David Dolson, Ph.D.
  • Developing probabilistic stochastic cellular automata models that simulate the evolution of a variety of complex physical and chemical systems, using computer-based methods to find relationships between the structures of molecules and their physical, chemical, and biological properties
    Paul G. Seybold, Ph.D.
  • Emphasis on Raman and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    Ioana E. P. Sizemore, Ph.D.