Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, ACS Certified

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Why Choose Chemistry?

You can combine your education with a broad, integrated, and in-depth view of the field in Wright State’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program. Your balanced coursework will combine departmental requirements, university core requirements, and electives. This will provide you an opportunity to explore where your interests in science will lead you.

An ACS Certified Bachelor of Science Degree is a demanding program of study with many benefits for you. The curriculum consists of the foundation coursework in each of the five major areas of chemistry: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. The recommended chemistry courses include, a year each of general and organic chemistry, followed by quantitative analysis, applied chemical spectrometry, chemical literature and composition, physical chemistry, and instrumental analysis. The foundation courses are accompanied with lab experience, university general education requirements, and the possibility of undergraduate research. This course of study emphasizes process skills, critical thinking, verbal and written communication, working safely, collaborative teamwork, and accessing and using scientific information. The thorough training and discipline are much sought after qualities by potential employers and graduate schools.

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Academics and Curriculum

You are required to complete the chemistry, mathematics, and physics course sequences in the following program outline with this exception: CHM 4990, Special Problems in Chemistry, is not required. However, it is expected that you will complete at least four credit hours of this research course during your senior year. Because the order in which science courses are taken is so important, you are advised to begin mathematics, chemistry, and physics sequences as soon as possible.

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Declaring your Major

To apply for admission in the College of Science and Mathematics, you must fill out a “Change of Major” form and declare your area of emphasis (this can be done online through WINGS Express).

Articulation (Transfer) Agreements

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