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Department of Chemistry

Master of Science in Chemistry

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Why Choose the Chemistry Program?

Welcome to the Chemistry Department's Graduate Program at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio! As faculty members, we look forward to working with you as you continue your education in the field of chemistry. You will find the graduate education experience at Wright State University an interesting and exciting transition from student to independent scientist. Graduate students begin this program by taking courses in Chemistry very much as they did as undergraduates. Upon the completion of this program, the student will present a thesis describing their own research, which contributes to the body of new knowledge in chemistry. Actually, the progress is not the simple progression that the foregoing statement might imply. This program takes approximately two years of hard work, and while you are taking courses, usually you will be serving as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses. The experience and knowledge you obtain in this program will remain with you always. A productive chemist never loses the attitude of an inquiring student.

The Department of Chemistry offers a research-based program of study in two dedicated Master of Science (M.S.) degree programs. The M.S. degree in Chemistry is available with research concentrations in the traditional areas of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical & Theoretical Chemistry as well as in Environmental, Polymer & Materials and Bioorganic Synthetic Chemistry and in Chemical Education.

Academics and Curriculum

In order to qualify for the Master of Science degree, candidates must fulfill the requirements of the Graduate School, complete 18 credit hours of course work and a minimum of 12 credit hours of thesis research, submit an acceptable thesis, and pass a written or an oral examination. Students will normally concentrate in one of the following areas: analytical, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical or polymer chemistry, or chemical education.

View Master of Science in Chemistry program information and degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.


To apply to the Chemistry Graduate Program, follow the process on the Wright State Graduate School page. A graduate student that applies for admittance to the Chemistry - Master of Science Program is automatically in consideration for a Department of Chemistry Graduate Teaching Assistantship.

M.S. Graduate students begin the program by taking courses in Chemistry much as they did as undergraduates. Students complete their studies by presenting a thesis describing their own research, which contributes to the body of new knowledge in chemistry. The program takes approximately two years of work, and while you are taking courses, usually you will be serving as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses.

In order to meet the minimum requirements for admission to the graduate program in chemistry, applicants must fulfill the requirements for admission established by the Graduate School. In addition, applicants must have completed most of the requirements of a BS Chemistry degree, which includes one academic year of general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and physical chemistry with associated laboratories as well as one year of calculus, additional courses in quantitative analytical chemistry, instrumental analytical chemistry with laboratories and inorganic chemistry. Students who do not meet these requirements will be asked to do some remedial work in addition to fulfilling the usual graduate degree requirements. Deficiencies in instrumental analysis and inorganic chemistry may be removed with graduate credits toward the degree. Ideally, physical chemistry deficiencies should be removed before applying to our program.

Applicants may also be asked to submit a statement of educational and professional goals and specialty interest, and two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's readiness for graduate research and suitability to serve as a teaching assistant

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