Department of Psychology

Research Facilities

The Wright State University Department of Psychology maintains several general laboratories to support teaching and learning for both undergraduate and graduate students, each faculty member maintains a research laboratory. In addition to the on-campus laboratories many specialized laboratories around the Dayton Metropolitan area allow us to use their facilities and equipment.

The general laboratories to support teaching and research that we maintain include four Apple computer laboratories. The department has a variety of other general-purpose facilities for individual and small group testing. These include audio-visual equipment for taping or presenting information to groups, observation rooms with one-way windows, and laptop computers for field research.

The Department of Psychology has research space, faculty and graduate student offices, and general classroom space all located in Fawcett Hall. We occupy the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Fawcett Hall. The fourth and fifth floors consist of 20,000 square feet of space reserved for psychology research. Specialized equipment in these research laboratories supports research on sensory process, motor control, spatial orientation, human-computer interaction, display design, flight simulation, memory, aging, expertise, teamwork, assessment, training, and stress in the workplace.

Students and faculty also have access to specialized laboratories and equipment which are unique to the Dayton area. Wright State University and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have an official Educational Partnership Agreement which facilitates the sharing of equipment, facilities, and personnel. Specialized high fidelity simulators and other test facilities are available and have been used by our faculty and students. In addition, we have excellent working relationships with other laboratories and facilities. Our faculty also have excellent working relationships with area corporations and industries.

The Virtual Environment Research, Interactive Technology, And Simulation (VERITAS) facility is owned and operated by the Wright State University Department of Psychology and housed in the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio. The mission of the facility is to support basic and applied scientific research on sensory systems, aviation, teleconferencing, telerobotics, and virtual environments. The central component of the facility is a CAVE®, a room-sized virtual environment presentation system controlled by a cluster of Windows based computers. High-performance projectors can display stereoscopic images on the 10’ by 10’ rear-projected screens that make up the four walls and the front-projected floor of the CAVE®. Step inside the CAVE®, put on the stereoscopic glasses and stereophonic headphones, and the high-resolution, 360° 3-D video and audio displays can put you in the pilot’s seat of a General Aviation aircraft, flying over a mountainous landscape, a dense urban environment, navigating to a downed pilot, or inside a protein molecule, exploring its matrix-like atomic structure.