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Why Choose Psychology?

Studying psychology will help you to become a more effective employee, both in psychology-related and other occupational fields—medicine, law, hospitality, management, and sales, for instance. You can have better relationships with others at work and at home and have greater insights about yourself so you can achieve your full potential

Your coursework will help you develop valuable skills—applying psychological theory, communicating effectively, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting statistical information.

After completing your degree, you can consider career options in aerospace, healthcare, public and private sector businesses, military operations, and emergency operations, among many others.

Why Choose a Psychology Minor?

The psychology minor serves will help you acquire a better understanding of psychological processes. No matter what major you are pursuing, you will benefit by supplementing your knowledge and skills with a stronger background in psychology.

This minor is flexible, so subsets of courses appropriate for specific majors can be selected. At least 9 hours of the minor must be completed at Wright State. Add a psychology minor to enhance your educational goals. To speak to a psychology advisor, please call 937-775-3180 to schedule an appointment.

Academics and Curriculum

View Psychology Minor program requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Use the links below to download PDF course checklists customized to your specific major field.


Declaring the minor in psychology is easy to do. Simply stop by the Student Services office in 106 Oelman Hall and tell the staff you want to declare a minor, or log on to WINGS Express, and select the “Student and Financial Aid” tab. Click the link “Major/Minor Change Request” from the Registration & Records page and follow the prompts to add Psychology as a minor. It’s just that easy!