Department of Psychology

Career Paths and Salaries

Careers in Psychology

Psychology involves uncovering the factors that underlie the behaviors of both human and animals. These factors can include genes, personality, cognitive operations (thinking), and interpersonal and situational dynamics. Understanding these factors can help enrich performance, physical health, creativity, and group behavior. If you study psychology, you can pursue a career as an:

  • Advertising agent
  • Career counselor
  • Case manager
  • Child-care worker
  • Educator
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Market researcher
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Probation and parole officer
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • Sales representative
  • Social service specialists
  • Human factors
  • Human resources

Average Salary by Psychology Degree Type

Degree Type Average Salary
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) $50,971
Master of Science (M.S.) $55,400
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) $83,977
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) $93,750

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