Department of Psychology

Psychology Staff and Graduate Student Present Papers at IFAC

August 14th, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jeffrey Cowgill and Shruti Kesari (staff in the Department of Psychology and Wright State alumni) co-chaired a session titled "Human Performance and Interaction in Virtual Environments" at the 12th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems.  Jeff and Shruti, along with Caitlan Rizzardo (Department of Psychology Graduate Student) and Dr. Thomas Wischgoll (WSU Faculty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering) presented in the session.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual environments and serious games have become prolific across a wide range of domains.  How we design, measure, interact with, and use these virtual environments present opportunities for further research.  Examining their use in different human performance research applications along with how new systems are developed will provide insights for future innovation in the field along with inspiration for new and novel applications of the existing technologies.  The session presented 4 topics in this area.


Touch-Enabled Input Devices for Controlling Virtual Environments - Taylor Edmiston, Adam Golden, Adam Meily, Thomas Wischgoll

The VERITAS Facility: A Virtual Environment Platform for Human Performance Research - Jeffrey Cowgill, Robert Gilkey, Brian Simpson

Developing Advanced GPS Navigational System Designs: Sufficient Simulations - Caitlan Rizzardo, Herbert Colle

A Virtual World Application to Assess and Aid Human Machine Collaboration - Shruti Narakesari, Ganesh Alakke, Wayne Shebilske