Department of Mathematics and Statistics

STT 2640 Lab Materials

The following files are used in the lab sessions for STT 2640 Elementary Statistics. If you have questions about them please see your professor during his or her posted office hours or contact the assigned lab assistant for your class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The .xlsx files for lab 3, 4, and 10 contain the same information as the .csv files mentioned in the lab tutorials. You can use the .xlsx file in place of the .csv file without any problems.

Lab 7 - Poisson Distributions

Lab 8 - Normal Distribution

Lab 9 - Sampling Distribution of a Sample Mean

Lab 10 - One-Sample Confidence Intervals

Lab 11 - Confidence Interval and One Sample Hypothesis Test for a Population Mean

Lab 12 - Comparison of Two Population Means

Lab - 13 - Analysis of Variance 

Lab - 14 - Simple Linear Regression