Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Graduate Assistants

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Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) orientation is generally held the week before Fall Term begins. Attendance is mandatory.


You will have office space in 244 Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences Building (MM). Filing cabinets and computers are available for your use. You will also be able to print to a shared printer in Room 222 MM.


You will receive a key request form at orientation for a key to the GTA office and a filing cabinet key. Fill out the top of the form and turn it in to the administrative specialist in the department office (120 MM). 

Once you have been notified that your key(s) is (are) ready, go to Room 065 in the basement of Allyn Hall with a picture ID. Give the attendant at the desk your name and let them know you are there to pick up keys. 

Report stolen keys to Campus Security and notify the Department Office immediately. Report any problems with your keys (sticking in the lock, not working, etc.) to the Department Office.


GTAs are required to be in their assigned class on time, and to be present in the GTA office for scheduled office hours. If circumstances cause you to be unable to teach your class or make your office hours, you must notify Ms. Abby Sharp at (937) 775-2782 as soon as possible so that a substitute instructor may be arranged. If you cannot reach Ms. Sharp, you will need to contact the department office in 120 MM at (937) 775-2785.

Colloquium Attendance

All GTAs are required to attend at least five (5) of the weekly departmental colloquia each term. Once the Colloquium Schedule is posted, you will need to download the Colloquium Attendance Sheet (PDF). You must take the sheet to each colloquium you attend and heve it signed by the host once the talk has ended.

The attendance sheet must be turned in to the Department Office in Room 120 MM at the end of each term.

Desk Copies

If you do not have a copy of the current textbook for your grading assignments, contact the administrative specialist at (937) 775-3370 in the Department Office Room 120 MM to get a desk copy. All desk copies should be returned to the office a the end of each term.

If your desk copy or solutions manual has been stolen, you must make a report to Campus Security and bring a copy of the report to the administrative specialist in the Department Office.

Important: All desk copies of textbooks, lab manuals, and solutions manuals are the property of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and may not be given away or sold. If you are no longer using a text, bring it back to the Department Office.


All GTA mailboxes are located in Room 135 MM. The mail room also contains a microwave oven, recycling boxes, and some office supplies. If you receive anything that is too large to fit in your mailbox you will be notified by email and it will be kept on top of the filing cabinet in Room 120B MM in the department office.

Office Hours

At the beginning of each term you will receive a form to fill out listing when you will be available for office hours. Complete the form and return it to the administrative specialist in the Department Office as soon as possible but no later than the end of the first week of classes.

You must be available to students during the entirety of your posted office hours, unless you have made prior arrangements with the Department Office.

Grading Assignments and Labs

If you are assigned to grade assignments or labs, you will need to frequently check your mailbox in 135 MM for assignments turned in outside of the class.

Students turning in an assignment or lab outside of class must bring it to the Math Department office in 120 MM. The assignment will be time-stamped and initaled by a staff member or student worker. The time-stamped assignment will then be placed in the appropriate mailbox in Room 135 MM. Assignments that are not timestamped should be referred to the instructor of the appropriate class for disposition.

Printing and Copying

Networked laser printers are available in Room 222 MM. If you are unable to print from your computer, contact the C.a.T.S help desk at (937) 775-4827 for assistance.

If you have a large number of copies to make or can wait at least 24 hours before you need them, you may fill out a yellow copy request form in the Department Office and the office staff will make the copies for you. The yellow request slips are located at the end of the student worker desk in the outer office.

Important: Do not turn in a copy request at 4 p.m. on Friday, expecting it to be done by 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning as the office is closed on weekends.

Fill out your name, the time and date of your request, the time and date you need your copies by, the number of originals, the number of copies per original, whether you need them stapled, collated or double-sided, and what color paper you want. Clip the request slip to your original and place them in the blue folder at the end of the desk. Completed copies will be placed in your mailbox or test folder depending on what was copied.