Dean's Circle

photo of the dean's circle

The Dean's Circle consists of undergraduate students who represent the college’s eight comprehensive departments. The Dean’s Circle will meet twice a month during fall and spring semesters to discuss college-related issues high on the minds of CoSM students. In addition to their major, the members of the Dean’s Circle are selected based on their interests, academic achievement, and leadership skills. 


The Dean’s Circle seeks applications from enthusiastic students who share the dean’s commitment to growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), enhancing student success, advancing undergraduate experiential learning, and sharing our many successes with the Wright State communities. Appointed students will serve a two-year term.

Students appointed to the Dean's Circle will:

  • Serve as liaisons between their classmates and the dean's office by bringing matters of importance before the group 
  • Promote awareness of CoSM programs and opportunities to both current and prospective students 
  • Represent CoSM at events such as Raider Open House, The STEM Experience, and other recruitment events  
  • Interact with CoSM faculty, staff, and administrators to help identify and address any challenges that may arise throughout the year 
  • Serve a two-year term (seniors appointed will serve only one year).  

Interested students should submit a completed CoSM Dean's Circle application online (Qualtrics survey) to be considered.


To learn more about the concerns of undergraduate students in the college, in 2008, Dean Wheatly established a new student advisory board called the Dean’s Circle.

Check out STEMulations, the presentation, and demonstration series presented by the Dean's Circle to highlight STEM fields with exciting and informative events.

2022-23 Members

Hannah Baumgardner

Biological Sciences
Hannah Baumgardner is a second-year honors student majoring in biological sciences and plans to attend medical school after undergrad. She is involved in the ASK program and is a lab assistant for STT 2640. Connect with her on Instagram @hannahhbaum

Hannah Davidson

Physiology & Neuroscience
Hannah is a 3rd year Physiology and Neuroscience major with a Spanish minor. After graduation, she hopes to become a physician but would like to stay involved in teaching/research side of medicine. On campus, she is a Supplemental Instruction leader for General Chemistry II and enjoys encouraging students in the STEM world. Hannah is also the secretary for the Asian Student Association where she explores her South Indian roots whilst studying with others and learning about inclusivity. Off campus, she is a research intern for the Naval Medical Research Unit at WPAFB, beginning her honors project. She works in Dr. Shannon Romer’s lab doing immunohistochemistry and loves the intersection of art and neuroscience. When able, she volunteers at her church, teaching in the Sunday School, and at a local hospital, providing company to long-term patients. Hannah loves spending quality time with her family, friends, any books, and doggo, Roxie!

Fawaz Ghouse

Physiology & Neuroscience
Fawaz Ghouse is in his final year majoring in neuroscience with a minor in psychology. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in medicine to become a physician. He has gotten involved on campus as a teaching assistant for SM 1010 and an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Shulin Ju's lab. Whenever he has free time, he enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and hanging out with friends.

Matthew Golias

Matt Golias is a third-year student with a major in mathematics, a concentration in education, and a minor in statistics. He is also in the 4+1 mathematics program, concurrently working toward a Master of Science in Mathematics. After graduation, he plans to be a high school math teacher and possibly teach college-level classes (Advanced Placement, College Credit Plus, etc.). Currently, he is working with Dr. Jennifer Kaminski on a mathematics cognition project and with Dr. Michelle Reed as a learning assistant in MTH 1270. He is also involved with H2O Church and can often be found at the Landing Student Lounge above Raider Mart at the honors dorm.

Josie Graft

Medical Laboratory Science
Josie Graft is a fourth-year honors student majoring in medical laboratory sciences with a minor in biological sciences. She has experience in research through the ASK program and has coauthored 3 scientific publications. She is certified in BSL, CPR, and phlebotomy and is currently working towards an ASCP BOC laboratory certification. After graduation, Josie aims to get a job working in a hospital lab running samples, analyzing results, and helping doctors get a diagnosis. When she isn’t in the lab, she’s taking a nap with her senior rescue dog, Milo, or hanging out with her fellow Raiders.

Cassandra Poeppelman

Biological Sciences
Cassandra Poeppelman is a fourth-year honors student majoring in biological sciences. She is currently working in Dr. Hartzler's lab and completing an honors research project dealing with the effects of carbon dioxide on the development of ventilatory regulation. She is involved in numerous organizations, including the Residential Community Association, CJ McLin Jr. Scholars Association, and the Student Government Association where she serves as CoSM's Senator. After graduation, she plans to continue doing research on physiological development.

Neil Pohl

Neil Pohl is a fourth-year honors student majoring in physics with a minor in mathematics. He has been doing research on AFRL since he graduated from high school and is currently working on his senior project with them. After graduation, Neil wants to pursue a graduate degree focusing on quantum mechanics or atomic physics hopefully with a SMART scholarship backing. Connect with him on Instagram @Neilsquared

Gabby Ramos

Biological Sciences
Gabbie Ramos is a fourth-year honors student majoring in biological sciences on a pre-med track. Currently, she is in the Applying Scientific Knowledge (ASK) program and is working on her honor’s research project in Dr. Cipollini’s lab which deals with garlic mustard plants and their resistance to black rot. She is also involved in various activities, including the C.J. McLin Jr. Scholars, Compassion in Action, Student Honors Association, and serves as an ASK peer mentor for SM 2100. After graduation, she aspires to attend medical school and practice family medicine. Catch her watering plants in the greenhouse or passing time with friends at the Hangar! Connect with her on Instagram @gabbie_ramos

Grant Shaffer

Physiology & Neuroscience
Grant Shaffer is a fourth-year honors student majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience. Currently, he is in the 4+1 B.S./M.S. program for Physiology and Neuroscience and is working on his honors research project on Montoya Staircase analysis in functional recovery studies in Dr. Adrian Corbett's lab. Grant is also involved in other clubs and organizations such as the Neuroscience Club, Student Honors Association, and Compassion in Action. He is also an LA for BMB 4210 and a TA for STT 2640. Outside of school, Grant has been dancing at Miami Valley Dance Center for 18 years and has been teaching there for 8. After graduation, Grant plans on finishing his M.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience and then an M.S. in Anatomy with an education focus, in hopes of teaching collegiate level Neuroscience courses and doing research.

Lindsey Shaffer


Rahul Shah

Biological Sciences
Rahul Shah is a fourth-year honors student majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Business. He is an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Shulin Ju’s lab completing his honors research project, which focuses on the cause of genetic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), specifically the relationship of a gene known to play a role in ALS, MATR3, and the suppressors of MATR3 with cell size. He represents the student body at Wright State University (WSU) as a Student Trustee on the WSU Board of Trustees. He also is involved on campus as President of CJ McLin Jr. Scholars Association, and a tutor at Tutoring Services. After graduation, he plans to pursue a Master’s in Biological Sciences and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology focusing on research that aids in the health of individuals. When he isn’t in lab, classes, or meetings, you may find him in the library or the Student Union Marketplace hanging out with friends.