College of Science and Mathematics Mentoring Circles

photo of mentors and students sitting at a tableWhy CoSM Mentoring Circles

College is a big step for many young adults. Studies show that students who have a positive first-year college experience are more prepared academically and socially for challenges they may face. Also, developing a sense of connection with their college increases their likelihood of degree completion. 

Quality mentorship programs, such as CoSM Mentoring Circles, bring first-year students together with faculty, staff, and experienced students to make valuable connections. As a supplement to academic advising, mentors help guide students through their first year by cultivating a smooth transition socially and academically.  

How to Sign-Up

Each first-year student in the College of Science and Mathematics will be assigned a mentor and will meet with their mentoring group every couple of weeks for support and an improved understanding of college life and academic success. 

Project Goals  

First-year students may be undecided on a major or career, struggling to navigate financial aid, or in building new relationships. A mentor can use their institutional knowledge to assist students in these areas. As part of this program, we intend to do the following: 

  • Academic Follow Ups: Mentors will connect with their mentees and help teach lessons on topics such as time management, goal setting, studying strategies, registration and financial literacy 
  • Social Follow Ups: Led by the CoSM Dean’s Circle, program sponsored group events will be organized that bring first-year students and mentors together for activities throughout the year 
  • Leader Initiated Follow-Ups: Through texts, emails or phone calls, mentors will send encouragement, advice, and invitations to college activities on a more individual basis with their mentees 

Mentoring is more than a one-day event. It is a program that provides mentoring throughout the first year of a student’s college journey. Through this program, we hope to achieve the following goals with first-year students:

  • A stronger connection to college faculty, staff, and students 
  • An increased sense of belonging and confidence 
  • Improved skills in time management, study strategies, financial literacy and utilization of resources 
  • Improvement in academic performance 
  • Increased student retention and enrollment 
  • A successful and smooth first-year experience 

This program has been funded through a grant award from Wright-Patt Credit Union.