Centers and Consortiums

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Neuroscience Institute

The Neuroscience Institute provides a powerful mechanism to fully integrate the biomedical research expertise of an academic institution with the clinical resources of a leading hospital system. Neuroscience is an exceptionally broad field, with literally hundreds of centers and institutes around the globe exploring highly complex problems. The WSU & Premier Neuroscience Institute joins this endeavor with a critical focus on disorders that affect movement, and brings strong interdisciplinary teams together from multiple departments to speed the transfer of research discoveries from bench to bedside and improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) serves clients both inside and outside the university community. Fully-affiliated Wright State faculty, staff, and graduate students may use them at a reduced rate for research done at WSU. Costs are determined by the nature of the work and the type of assistance needed. Special policies and procedures must be followed by graduate students. Contact the SCC Director for current pricing.

STEM School

The Dayton Regional STEM School is driven by a different and exciting Mission… to prepare students with the skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing in our young people the same enthusiasm for discovery, invention, and application that launched the vision for powered flight.

LEADER Consortium

The LEADER Consortium, funded in part by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program, is a partnership of four diverse institutions of higher education in the Dayton (Ohio) region: the Air Force Institute of Technology, Central State University, University of Dayton, and Wright State University.

Launched publicly in November 2008, the LEADER Consortium is a member of the fourth cohort of ADVANCE award recipients and is the first multi-institutional model funded by an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation award.

What makes the LEADER Consortium unique is that the cultural norms of the partner institutions are as diverse as their demographics and histories. The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) is a federal institution; Central State University is a public, minority-serving institution; the University of Dayton (UD) is a private, Catholic institution, and Wright State University is a public, doctoral institution.