Department of Physics

New Faculty Profile: Prof. Elliott Brown

Dr. Elliott Brown joined the physics department Spring 2010. Brown received his bachelor's degree in physics from UCLA and graduate degrees in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology. For four years he was with the Hughes Aircraft Co., where he worked on key components in millimeter-wave radiometers and high-speed laser communications systems for the company¬Ęs space and communications group. Brown also was a program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an arm of the Defense Department responsible for developing new technology for the military. He oversaw work on microwave integrated circuits for radar and electronic warfare. In addition, he worked as an assistant program manager at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a federally funded research and development center whose mission is to apply advanced technology to national security issues. At Lincoln Laboratory he worked on terahertz and infrared technologies, high-speed electronics and novel electromagnetic concepts such as photonic crystal antennas. More recently, he was an EE professor at UCLA and a tenured full professor in the ECE department at University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Brown is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the American Physical Society. In 1998, he received an Award for Outstanding Achievement from the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense. He is the Ohio Research Scholar in Layered Sensing at Wright State and holds a joint appointment with Electrical Engineering.

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