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Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Scholarships

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The department currently has 14 Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), and a few Graduate Tuition Scholarships (GTS). In addition, one or more Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) and fellowships may be available, but this varies from year to year. The application deadline for fall semeser admission in the Master of Science (M.S.) in Earth and Environmental Sciences program is February 28. Financial support is awarded on a competitive basis to M.S. students. Submission of a complete application prior to the deadline is highly recommended for financial award considerations.

The application for admission into the M.S. Program can be completed online on the Graduate School website.

Please visit the following pages to review program description, application instructions, document requirements, mailing address, etc. Inquiries regarding the M.S. program and the application for admission may be addressed to Dr. Doyle Watts, Director of Graduate Program, or the Department office staff through email or by phone at (937) 775-2201.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Number of available positions: 14
A Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) award carries a stipend for the academic year (2 semesters: Fall and Spring) and a full tuition fee waiver. The GTA award will typically begin in September, and it is intended as a two-year commitment; the GTA award will continue in the second-year (2 semesters: Fall and Spring) contingent upon student's satisfactory academic performance in the first year. The GTAs will also be awarded a tuition fee waiver for the summer term, after the completion of the first academic year.

The GTA award can be combined with an Early Start Fellowship award that provides tuition and a stipend for the summer term (May-August) before the first academic year begins, and it is awarded an a competitive basis to students interested in a research project. The Early Start Fellowship award offers the opportunity to become involved in a research project and other assignments for 1 semester (Summer Term).

A Graduate Teaching Assistant is required to work 20 hours per week for 15 weeks during the fall and spring semesters of the first and second years. First year Graduate Teaching Assistants with Geology/Earth Science background are generally assigned to teach Introductory Earth Science labs, and other related duties. Upper level undergraduate and graduate course labs are usually taught by the Graduate Teaching Assistants who are in their second year. A GTA Coordinator oversees the work assignments to the Teaching Assistants, and all the Graduate Teaching Assistants meet weekly with a supervising faculty member to review the upcoming week's assignments/grading, etc.

Graduate Tuition Scholarship

Number of available positions: variable
Graduate Tuition Scholarship (GTS) awards are restricted to full-time graduate students and provide a full or partial tuition fee waiver; however, the award does not carry any stipend or duties for the awardees. The GTS award may begin in the Summer or Fall term, and the award is often intended as a 1-year commitment, with continuation contingent upon satisfactory performance. This award is typically offered to students who are employed outside the university, such as teachers enrolled in the MST program, and other professionals.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for graduate study may also be available in the form of loans and/or grants from various Wright State programs as indicated below. Such awards and assistance are not available through the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences:

General information and Graduate Fellowship Applications
Contact: Graduate School
Location: E-344 Student Union
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Student Employment and College Work Study Information
Contact: Office of Student Employment
Location: E-334 Student Union
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Student Loan Information
Contact: RaiderConnect
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