Math Help

Feeling Frustrated? Having trouble with a math class?

We understand that math doesn't come easily to everyone. Whether you just need a little extra practice or additional one-on-one instruction, help is available from a variety of sources.


Closed Class? Here's What You Do

Students wanting to take a closed class need to sign up on the waitlist through Wings Express. Click on the link for instructions. Make sure you check your Wright State email address daily or you may lose an offered spot. The deadline for signing up on the waitlist is the first Thursday of the semester. Available seats will be filled from the automated waitlist until the end of the first Friday of the Semester. 

Need a Math or Statistics Course from Another School Evaluated?

Want to take a math class at a different school over the summer?

Before signing up and paying for that class, make sure that Wright State will accept it by having the Department of Mathematics and Statistics evaluate it.

Click here to find out how to request a course evaluation.


Future Students

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics welcomes students from all backgrounds and ages, whether they are high school graduates or working adults returning to complete a degree. Click on the questions below or here to find additional resources.

Current Students

The Department of Mathematics provides a variety of resources for students, whether they are pursuing a degree in math or statistics or some other discipline. Click on the links below or here for more resources.  



Statistical standout

Google selects research proposal from Wright State computer science student Matt Piekenbrock
A research project by Matt Piekenbrock, a graduate computer science at Wright State, was selected by the Google Summer of Code 2017 competition.
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image Josh Jordan

2017 Science & Mathematics Top Scholars

Congratulations to Josh Jordan, Top Scholar for the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics

This is the second of a 5-part series featuring CoSM's Top Scholars. The College of Science & Mathematics is privileged to spot-light such talented students.

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Chair's Corner

Welcome to Wright State University's Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Our department provides courses in service of virtually every academic program university wide. We offer undergraduate and masters degrees in mathematics and in statistics. Our experienced and enthusiastic faculty engage in original research in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education. Students frequently pursue directed research alongside faculty.

The links at the top and right on this page will take you to information about our faculty, undergraduate and graduate programs, courses offered, department news and events, and other useful information for students. We encourage prospective students to contact listed advisors for further information about programs of interest.

Mathematics and statistics find important uses in virtually all facets of scientific and commercial activity. They are particularly well-suited as languages for the quantitative analysis of complex problems, whether these problems arise in engineering, biological, economic, or a myriad other contexts. The study of mathematics and statistics is a rewarding endeavor, both personally and professionally. We invite you to explore the world of mathematics and statistics with us.

Dr. Ayse Sahin
Department Chair