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Welcome! The Department of Psychology is one of ten departments in the College of Science and Mathematics at Wright State University and has a strong reputation as a science-based program that appreciates both the value of sound methodology and theory and the need to apply and test theory against practical problems of everyday life.

Dr. Kruger's retirement after his 47 years service

Wright State University celebrates Dr. Kruger's retirement after his 47 years service.

Congratulations to Andrew Hampton and Dr. Shalin

Congratulations to Andrew Hampton, one of our human factors graduate students, and his advisor Dr. Valerie Shalin in receiving The 2016 Human Factors Prize, recognizing excellence in human factors/ergonomics research in Big Data for their work "Lexical Choice as a Measure of Urgency in Social Media".

Congratulations to Dr. Houpt and His Lab

Dr. Joseph Houpt received the William K. Estes Early Career Award and his student Betsy Fox received the Women of Mathematical Psychology Travel and Networking Award at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology in 2016. Another student of Dr. Houpt, Hanshu Zhang, also received the Best Student Paper award from the Human Performance Modeling Technical Group at the 2016 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Meeting. Congratulations to Dr. Houpt and his lab!

Psychology News

Psychology News

Dr. John Flach Received Invitation as Keynote Speaker

Dr. John Flach has been invited to be the Keynote speaker at the Swedish Cognitive Science Society Conference in Uppsala, October 26-27th, 2017

Good news from Psychology.  

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Wright State graduate student Ryan Rakoczy’s neuroscience research takes on new meaning after premature birth of his son
Physiology and neuroscience graduate student Ryan Rakoczy hopes to develop better treatments for prematurely born infants and others with breathing ailments.
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Student Resources

Planning Your Degree

i-psychology-studentunion.jpgDeclaring a major is a big decision that can be difficult to make. The academic advisors in the department of psychology appreciate this fact and thus are dedicated to helping new or prospective majors navigate their way through the many degree requirements that must be met before earning a degree. Read More


The minor in psychology offers 22 hours of dynamic instruction examining a diverse array of phenomena governing the behaviors of humans, as well as animals. Among the many course offerings, students may choose from 2000-3000 level courses addressing issues related to gender identity, the application of psychology to crime and justice, prejudice, mental illness, animal behavior, chemical dependency, and others. With the minor in psychology, students will be able to compliment any primary area of study with useful knowledge, practical skills, and sometime surprising insights. Members of the psychology faculty are confident that all students who pursue the minor will add value and substance to their undergraduate education.  Read More

Student Orgs.


Students can participate in the Psi Chi and Psychology Club student organizations while attending Wright State University, adding to their educational experience and allowing them to meet fellow students with similiar interests.  Read More

Graduate Program

Started in 1979 with the Master of Arts degree in Human Factors, offered through the multidisciplinary Applied Behavioral Sciences program, we now offer both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in Human Factors and Industrial Organizational psychology. Our unique Graduate Program provides students a solid grounding in both Human Factors and Industrial Organizational psychology.  Read More


Virtual Reality In the VERITAS CAVE

The Wright State University Department of Psychology maintains several general laboratories to support teaching and learning for both undergraduate and graduate students and each faculty member maintains a research laboratory. In addition to the on-campus laboratories, many specialized laboratories around the Dayton Metropolitan area allow us to use their facilities and equipment. Learn more