About the College of Science and Mathematics

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October 1, 2016 Douglas W. Leaman, Ph.D. began his term as dean of the College of Science & Mathematics.

Dean Leaman is experienced in scholarship, pedagogical and curricular innovation, strategic planning, team-building and administrative leadership. He is passionate about student success and retention initiatives to ensure all students can achieve their academic and career goals. As chair of the University of Toledo’s biology department, he has overseen the education of two-thirds of the majors in the university’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

This page is currently under construction, so be sure to check back to read more about Dean Leaman in the near future.

In the mean time, watch our YouTube video of Dean Leaman's live Facebook chat!

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The Wright State University College of Science and Mathematics (CoSM) was founded in 1964 as one of the first two colleges of the new Dayton Campus of Miami University and Ohio State University. In 1964, CoSM was known as the College of Science and Engineering. In 1985, Wright State University established the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Science and Mathematics. CoSM remains one of the largest colleges on campus.

Past Deans of CoSM include, Kathrin Engisch (2015-2016, Interim), Yi Li (2011-2015), Dan Voss (2010-2011, Interim), Michele Wheatly (2002-2009), Robert Weisman (2001-2002, Interim), Roger Gilpin (1996-2001), Marc Low (1991-1996), Richard Millman (1986-1991), John Rossmiller (1984-1986, Interim), Brian Hutchings (1974-1984), and Robert Conley.

Currently, CoSM offers eight undergraduate programs (including 9 majors and 8 minors), 15 masters programs, and 4 Ph.D. programs. There are approximately 165 faculty within the college. In the Fall of 2014, there were 1866 registered students in the college (1442 undergraduate). The largest departments in the college in the Fall of 2014 were Biological Sciences and Psychology.

CoSM reaches every student at Wright State University with one of more of its classes whether or not they are a science or mathematics major through core education requirements.