Department of Chemistry - Graduate Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a research-based program of study in two dedicated Master of Science (M.S.) degree programs. The M.S. degree in Chemistry is available with research concentrations in the traditional areas of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical & Theoretical Chemistry as well as in Environmental, Polymer & Materials and Bioorganic Synthetic Chemistry and in Chemical Education.


The Department of Chemistry offers a combined degree program, which allows a student to earn both a B.S. (Chemistry) and M.S. (Chemistry) degree in 5 years. As outlined below several courses and multiple credit hours will be applied toward both the B.S. and M.S. program requirements.

Department of Chemistry - Chemical Demonstration Shows

2014-2015  Chemical Demonstration Shows are for Middle School, Junior High and High School Classes. Reservations are required. Professors Emerti Rubin Battino and John J. Fortman have been providing chemistry demonstration shows for middle and high school students for approximately thirty-five years

Chemistry Seminars

Invited speakers, WSU faculty, and Chemistry Graduate Students present talks on various topics every Friday.

Chemistry News

Faculty Searches in Biological Sciences and Chemistry

Biological Sciences and Chemistry Departments seek to hire new faculty in global change research

Two new faculty positions are open in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biological Sciences as part of a new hiring plan initiated in the College of Science and Mathematics.  We are seeking candidates who can contribute to a growing interdepartmental cluster in global change rese

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Bob Weisman – A Remembrance

Robert (Bob) Weisman passed away on July 2, 2014, at the age of 77, leaving a great void in the Wright State family.
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Presentations & Publications

Bracco J. N., Stack A.G. and Higgins S. R., Magnesite step growth rates as a function of the aqueous magnesium-to-carbonate ratio. Crystal Growth and Design, 14, 6033-6040.

Smith M. E., Knauss K. G. and Higgins S. R. “Effects of crystal orientation on the dissolution of calcite by chemical and microscopic analysis.” Chemical Geology, 2013, 360-361, 10-21. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2013.09.015

Mehmet Tatli, Ryan Selhorst, and Eric Fossum, Department of Chemistry, "Poly(arylene ether)s with Pendent 3-Iodophenyl Sulfonyl Groups: Synthesis, Characterization, and Modification" Macromolecules 2013, 46, 4388–4394.

Chair's Corner

Welcome to the Wright State University Chemistry Department website. I am very excited about the recent developments within the department and how this has positioned us for further success. Recently, we have renovated completely the vast majority of our teaching laboratories and all of our research and administrative spaces. The result is a cutting-edge environment for research and teaching. The recent addition of two faculty members and more than fifteen new instruments for teaching and research has bolstered further our capabilities, especially in the nanotechnology and computational arenas. Coupled with our long-standing strengths in applied areas such as macromolecular and environmental chemistries and our strong commitment to the traditional core areas, this provides a unique learning environment.

With 16 faculty, 4 support staff members, 80-100 undergraduate and 30-40 M.S. students annually, the department is sufficiently large to offer a current experience to our students, but small enough to provide an environment where each student is recognized as an individual.

I encourage you explore our website and to visit if you are in the area. I’d be delighted to show you around and tell you more about our programs, faculty and students.

Dr. David Grossie, Department Chair


Congrats from Chemistry

Most Recent Master's Graduates:

  • Robert Wehrle
  • Godfred Boakye
  • Jessica L. Fraley
  • Michelle L. Edwards
  • Jesse L. Picker
  • Mariana Andrejevic

University Awards to Chemistry Majors:

  • Kristina Burban, Women in Science Giving Circle, $1500 STEMM Scholarship
  • Corrie Spradlin, Women in Science Giving Circle, $1500 STEMM Scholarship
  • Kevin Dorney, WSU Graduate Excellence
  • Grace Klinger, Advanced Student Leader and Outstanding Senior Leader
  • Amy Willcox, Outstanding Senior Leader