The Department of Chemistry offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in chemistry. The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Degree with a Chemistry Education Concentration is also available.

The Department of Chemistry suggests that any student contemplating a major in Chemistry, especially incoming first year students, contact the department as soon as the decision is made. The student will immediately be assigned a departmental faculty advisor. All Chemistry majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis to ensure the student will meet the requirements for graduation in the prescribed amount of time.

Transfer students should meet with the departmental advisor, Dr. David Dolson, as soon as transfer is anticipated, for evaluation of transfer credits, development of a program of study and assignment of a faculty advisor.

Chemistry majors that plan to graduate within two semesters should meet with the departmental advisor, Dr. David Dolson to ensure that all graduation requirements are met in a timely fashion.

The Wright State University Undergraduate Catalog (for the year you entered Wright state University) is considered the official document for graduation requirements. All department and university requirements are listed therein.