Policies and Procedures



Additional Information

Course Repeats and Replacements

A student may repeat one or more courses with grade replacement up to a cumulative total of five grade replacements.



Course Withdrawal

The last day to drop a class without a grade is:

  • The end of the fourth week of each fourteen-week term.
  • The end of the second-week of each six-week term.


The last day to drop a class with a grade of "W" is:

  • The end of the ninth week of each fourteen-week term.
  • The end of the fourth week of each six-week term.


Students are encouraged to meet with their professor and/or academic advisor prior to withdrawing from a course.



Readmission Under Fresh Start Policy

An undergraduate student who re-enrolls in the university after an absence of three or more years may request to have their cumulative GPA recalculated to zero.



Readmission Under Second Start Policy

An undergraduate student is eligible for a Second Start if he/she:

  • Is currently on academic probation or academically dismissed from Wright State; AND
  • Has attempted no more than 48 hours at Wright State; AND
  • Enrolls in an articulated joint-enrollment program with a community college partner institution; AND
  • Returns to Wright State within three years of his or departure from the university.





Appeal a Grade or Conflict with a Professor

When a dispute arises between a faculty member and student over grades or other academic evaluations, the normal procedure is for the student to try to resolve the dispute in the following order:

  • Consult with faculty member; then, if necessary,
  • Consult with the Departmental Chair; then, if necessary,
  • Consult with the Dean’s office.



Academic Probation and Dismissal

When a student's cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, the registrar takes scholastic action by placing the student on probation. Students who remain on probation for two semesters may be dismissed from the university for unsatisfactory academic performance.





Transfer Course Evaluation Requests

Students may request to have a transfer course evaluated to determine the equivalent Wright State course, if it exists.



Transfer Course Evaluation Requests forms are available in the Office of Student Services in 106 Oelman.


University Petitions

A student may petition for an exception to academic regulations, program requirements, or course substitutions.



Add/Change of Major, Minor, or Concentration

A request to add and/or change a major, minor, or concentration can be made through WINGS Express. Students in University College (UC) are not permitted to make change requests through WINGS Express. They must consult with their UC advisor.



SAP Appeal

If you do not meet SAP requirements, you may appeal to the Office of Financial Aid for Financial Aid Probation.



Applying for Graduation

Undergraduate science and mathematics students are required to obtain prior approval from their academic advisor before accessing the online graduation application.  



Registering for Classes

Most students are eligible to register online through WINGS Express. Probation students need advisor approval in order to register.