Bachelor of Arts in Physics Education


``... encouraged physics departments to take increased responsibility for the education of teachers.''
Resolution adopted by the American Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, and the American Association of Physics Teachers (Physics in a New Era: An Overview, National Academy Press, Washington DC, 2001).

The Physics Education Program at Wright State currently consists of K-12 teacher preparation and college-level reforms. The program in Physics is part of the Science Education program of the College of Science and Mathematics in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Services.

The science education program at Wright State is somewhat unique in that most of the science educators hold joint appointments in the two colleges.

  • Basista, Beth. Ph.D. (U. Cincinnati)
  • Rowley, Eric. Ph.D. (Iowa)
  • Tosa, Sachiko. Ph.D. (Rochester), Ed.D. (UMass)

In addition to the academic year program, faculty conducts summer institutes for in-service teachers.


Degree Requirements

I. Wright State Core Requirements (42 hours)

Element 1: Communication (6 hours)

Element 2: Mathematics (4 hours)

  • MTH 2300

Element 3: Global Traditions (6 hours)

Element 4: Arts and Humanities (3 hours)

Element 5: Social Sciences (6 hours)

Element 6: Natural Sciences (10 hours)

  • PHY 2400/2400L
  • PHY 2410/2410L

Additional Core Courses (7 hours)

  • MTH 2310

II. Departmental Core Requirements (27 hours)

  • PHY 1000
  • PHY 1010
  • PHY 2420
  • PHY 3710
  • PHY 4500
  • PHY 4460
  • PHY 4470
  • PHY 1060/1060L
  • PHY 3150, 3220

V. General Electives (14 hours)

Total Hours Required: 122