STT 1600 Statistical Concepts Lab Information

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This page will be updated in fall of 2015 to reflect the lab information for the various sections of the course.

STT 1600 Supplemental Instruction

Students taking STT 1600 are encouraged to attended Supplemental Instruction in addition to their regular classes.

Please check the Supplemental Instruction webpage to see if SI is being offered for STT 1600 in the current semester.

STT 1600 Statistics Lab

All students taking STT 1600 Introductory Statistics are required to complete certain lab assignments as part of their coursework. The instructor and lab/teaching assistants will explain and assist with the specific labs during the weekly lab period. The files below are the same as those available on the computers in the statistics lab classroom and are provided for students who need to complete thier lab work outside of class time.

Lab Material Files for STT 1600 Sections _____________

If your course section isn't lifted above go to the Alternate STT 1600 Statistical Concepts Lab Information webpage.

NOTE: You must have access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to use these files.