Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Environmental Science Education

The B.A. in EES Life & Earth Sciences Education Concentration is designed for students pursuing careers as high school (Adolescent/Young Adult) teachers. Upon completion of the degree, students who wish to pursue teaching licensure must then complete the Professional Educators Program Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree, which is available through Wright State’s College of Education and Human Services. Graduates of the undergraduate program and the M.Ed. Professional Educators Program are eligible to seek licensure from the Ohio Department of Education in Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

Degree Requirements

I. Wright State Core (40 hours)

Element 1: Communication (6 hours)
Element 2: Mathematics (4 hours)

  • STT 2640 Elementary Statistics

Element 3: Global Traditions (6 hours)
Element 4: Arts and Humanities (3 hours)
Element 5: Social Sciences (6 hours)

Element 6: Natural Sciences (8 hours)

  • EES 2510 Earth Systems
  • EES 2550 Earth History

Additional Core Courses (7 hours)

  • EES 2600 Environmental Science and Society
  • PHY 1060/L Astronomy & Lab

II. Departmental Core Requirements (22 hours)

  • EES 3100 Earth Science Research
  • EES 3120 Earth Materials
  • EES 3230 Introduction to the Ocean
  • EES 4190 Paleobiology
  • EES 4340 Mapping Methods
  • EES 4350 Field Mapping
  • EES 4510 Scientific Communication
  • EES 4280 EES Colloquium (twice at 0.5 credit hours each)

Total Hours Required: 127

Download: B.A. in Earth & Environmental Sciences, Life & Earth Sciences Education Concentration Degree Requirements (PDF)