The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Wright State University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs leading to the following baccalaureate and masters degrees.

All of these programs benefit from the interdisciplinary research focus by the department faculty, training opportunities through hands-on experience and extensive courses, as well as modern research facilities, all hallmarks of our well-regarded department.


Further, students have the option to participate in the Honors Programs and conduct Senior Thesis research.

Our undergraduate degree programs are designed to include courses in earth and environmental sciences and related subjects that prepare  students for further study at the graduate level or professional employment. The employment opportunities for our undergraduates are in protecting and managing the existing natural resources of the earth (related to our environment, aquifers, surface water, ground waters, etc.), as well as in exploring for new resources (for example, oil, gas, and minerals). The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program is more structured and is intended to prepare students for specific professional or technical careers. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program is more flexible and is designed to allow students sufficient flexibility for electives outside the major so that students may pursue a double major, a minor or certificate program, or complete courses relevant to a specialized graduate program or career interest.

Since personal objectives, interests, and aptitudes vary considerably with individuals, the undergraduate programs offer a spectrum of educational options within a framework of sound academic guidelines. The B.S. degree programs in Earth & Environmental Sciences have considerable choice in the core program, and related required and elective courses. Students should become aware of these choices as early as possible because it is critical in defining the sequence of coursework, particularly for the B.S. degree. For this reason, all students are strongly urged to consult their academic advisor in order to develop an individualized program of study. 

The B.S. Degree Program in Earth & Environmental Sciences – Earth Sciences Concentration is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and experience required for graduate study and to prepare students for professional careers in a variety of fields including energy resources, water resources, environmental protection, and environmental site investigation and remediation.  Course work in this program combines lecture, lab, and field experiences in subjects such as earth history, earth-system processes, rocks, minerals, water, soils, and the atmosphere.

The B.S. Degree Program in Earth & Environmental Sciences – Environmental Sciences Concentration addresses complex environmental issues such as acid rain, pollution, and water quality degradation.  The degree program provides training in modern field and laboratory techniques, methods for acquiring and managing data linked to geographic locations, current environmental law and regulations, and other topics designed to allow graduates to effectively address modern challenges in the environmental workplace.

The B.S. Degree Program in Earth & Environmental Sciences - Environmental Health Sciences Concentration is one of 32 environmental science programs in the country accredited by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council. This degree prepares students for careers in public health, worker health & safety, and environmental protection. An internship experience is required component of the degree program and it provides valuable real-world experience. 

The B.A. degree programs in Earth & Environmental Sciences Education are designed to:  (1) provide foundational training for students who wish to teach life and earth sciences or earth sciences and chemistry in Ohio public Schools; (2) prepare students for Praxis examinations in their concentration areas; and (3) prepare graduates of these concentrations for the Professional Educators Program Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program.

A Minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences is also offered with two concentrations: Earth Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences.


Master of Science in Earth & Environmental Sciences

The Department offers a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences. The M.S. degree program prepares students for careers as professional geoscientists in industry, government, or for a Ph.D. degree. The graduate degree program includes coursework (24 semester credits minimum) and independent research leading to a thesis (6 semester credits minimum). A completed thesis, evaluated by a faculty advisory committee, is required.

Master of Science in Teaching (Earth Sciences)

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers the degree of Master of Science in Teaching (Earth Science) to students possessing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized institution. The Master of Science in Teaching (Earth Science) program prepares a student for teaching Earth Science at K-12 level. because students come to the program with a broad spectrum of experience, their courses of study are designed on an individual basis.

Non-Thesis (Second) Master of Science in Earth & Environmental Sciences

A non-thesis option for obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Earth & Environmental Sciences is available for individuals seeking to gain expertise in another field, who already have an M.S. or a Ph.D. degree in either science or engineering from an accredited university, and who have completed a research thesis or dissertation at their previous graduate program.