Our Stories

One way we measure success is by our students.  We are pleased to share their stories of academic achievement and community engagement.  Their passion for learning and leadership in the community is transforming the communities we serve.

James Herner

Physics & Electrical Engineering
Recognition Year: 
From an early age, I had something of a fascination with STEM pursuits. I always loved solving little puzzles about how things worked, was captivated by learning about the world, and felt a kinship with the intellectual community around me.

Matthew Almazan

Biological Sciences
2017, B.S., Biological Sciences
Recognition Year: 
Wright State is a university dedicated to helping students like me better myself academically and professionally while at the same time providing avenues to contribute to the local community.

Nicholas Kovacs

Human Factors/Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Ph.D., Psychology
I chose Wright State University because of how well I fit in with the program offered here. The lab I joined focused on areas in I-O psychology that corresponded well with my top interests in the field.

Emily Chriswell

Psychology (Sexuality Studies)
Sophomore, B.S., Psychology
I knew my experience would be different from most other college students because I am earning my degree while raising 6 children.

Madelyn G. Jones

Biology (Neuroscience)
Senior, B.S., Biology
The biggest surprise about college was all of the opportunities which were available and how they have led to my growth and one of those opportunities was receiving a research position.

Emily Artz

Senior, BS, Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience )

The students as well as the faculty here in the College of Science and Mathematics are very interested in education and are willing to actively participate rather than passively experience education.

Justin Thrush

Interest: Medicine
Junior, Biological Sciences

I chose Wright State for its faculty and sense of community. Everyone here is very approachable, and I have had plenty of opportunities to make one-on-one connections with people within my field.

Isaiah Jordon

Interest: Optometry
Junior, Biological Sciences

 What led me to Wright State University was the close knit family feel.

Jessica Thomas

Interest: Medicine
Graduate Student, Physics

There is so much research being conducted here, and it is an amazing experience to work alongside other motivated individuals. Wright State is a wonderful choice for the sciences, and the opportunities here are vast.

Elizabeth Harris

Interest: Optometry
Senior, Biological Sciences

Science and mathematics degrees are great choices to pick with promising careers in these fields. The world needs more people that are passionate about science.

Tyrel Fisher

Interest: Medicine
Post-Baccalaureate, Pre-Health Certificate

While working as a landscaper, I started to realize I did not want to landscape for the rest of my life. My favorite thing about Wright State was the faculty, staff, and students who went above and beyond the expected to help me advance my career.

Kayla Fryman

Interest: Physician Assistant
Senior, Applied Physiology

I am a transfer student from University of Dayton, and chose Wright State University after learning about the advanced biology program, which was recommended to me by several mentors.

Prital Mehta

Senior, Biological Sciences

The pre-health program sparked my interest in Wright State University, and then fantastic scholarship opportunities made my commitment to this university more firm.

Adam Steiner

Junior, Physics

After a five year enlistment in the U.S. Navy, I held a strong desire to further enrich my education at the collegiate level.

Jasmine Spradley

Senior, Psychology

As far back as I can remember in elementary school, I was told that Wright State University would be a great college for me because of three things: accessibility, price, and location.

Kimiko Kidd

Junior, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Growing up, my fascination with the natural world was nurtured by my experience as a home-schooled student raising various Ohio butterflies.

Jace Robinson

2016, Applied Mathematics

Jace Robinson graduated in Spring 2016 with B.S. in mathematics. He is now a master's student in the Wright State computer science department.