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Biological Sciences News

Wright State’s Dan Krane named to state post on college retention

Wright State biology professor Dan Krane has been named special assistant for completion initiatives by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
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Bubulya lab awarded grant renewal

Congratulations to Department of Biological Science Associate Chair and Associate Professor Paula Bubulya, Ph.D., for her renewed NIH R15 grant award.

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The Elephant in the Room

I was struck by a recent headline: “Spain just hit a dangerous population milestone” (Business Insider, 2 Dec 2015). I wondered what that milestone could be; were they concerned about immigration, or about population growing beyond some sustainable limit?  But then I read on:  “Spain, long concerned about its aging population and emptying countryside, passed a milestone in population decline on Wednesday when it recorded more deaths than births in the first half of this year.”  The last times that annual deaths had exceeded births in Spain were in the 1930s (civil war) and in 1918 (flu epidemic).

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