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Core Pre-Health Courses

A pre-health advisor is available to assist with individual program requirements and the application process. Each professional school has it's own prerequisites, so it's important to research programs individually. To schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss pre-health course requirements, call (937) 775-3180. Below is a list of core courses required by many schools that will help you begin building your own program of study.

Course Title Credit Hours Fall Spring Summer
ANT 3100 Anatomy & Physiology l & Lab 4 X X  
ANT 3120 Anatomy & Physiology ll & Lab 4   X X
BIO 1010 Biology 4 X X X
BIO 1120 Cells & Genes 4 X X  
BIO 1150 Human Biology & Diversity & Ecology 4   X X
BIO 2110 Genetics 4 X X  
BIO 2120 Molecular Cell Biology 4   X X
BIO 3100 Clinical Microbiology 3 X    
BIO 4430 Histology & Lab 5   X  
BMB 3220 Biochemistry for Pre-Medical Students 3 X   X
BMB 4210 Biochemistry l 3 X    
BMB 4230 Biochemistry ll 3   X  
CHM 1210+L General Chemistry I & Lab 3/2 X X X
CHM 1220+L General Chemistry II & Lab 3/2 X X X
CHM 2110+L Organic Chemistry I & Lab 3/2 X X X
CHM 2120+L Organic Chemistry II & Lab 3/2   X X
M&I 2200  Microbiology of the Human Environment 5 X X  
M&I 4260 Basic Immunology 3 X    
M&I 4310 Basic Virology 3       X  
PHY 1110 Principles of Physics I & Lab 4/1 X X X
PHY 1120 Principles of Physics II & Lab 4/1 X X X
PHY 2400+L General Physics I & Lab 4/1 X X  
PHY 2410+L General Physics II & Lab 4/1 X X  
PSY 3110 Abnormal Psychology 3 X X X
PSY 3410 Lifespan Development 3 X X X
STT 1600 Statistical Concepts 4 X X X
STT 2640 Elementary Statistics 4 X X X

Course Descriptions

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