Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Resources Overview

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants
    Visit the Graduate Assistants page for procedures, forms, and other information for GTAs.

  • Course Descriptions
    View MTH+STT course descriptions. Please be aware that some courses listed in the catalog are not being taught at the present time. Please check the schedule of courses for the current and upcoming term with the Registrar's office to verify that the course you want to take is being offered.
  • Prerequisites and Sequence of Courses
    Registration for mathematics and statistics courses is restricted to students meeting certain prerequisites. Visit the Prerequisites and Math Sequence page to learn more.
  • Syllabi
    Syllabi and course information sheets for many of the courses offered by the department can be downloaded from the Course Syllabi page. Most 1000 and 2000 level undergraduate courses make use of a departmental syllabus but the faculty may replace it with their own syllabus at their discretion. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they are using the correct syllabus for their particular course section and instructor.
  • Honors Program
    The department offers the opportunity to participate in the Honors in Mathematics and Statistics program to qualified upper-level undergraduate students. Visit the Honors Program page to learn more.
  • Calculus Course Website
    For students taking MTH 2300, MTH 2310, and MTH 2320. Visit the Calculus Course website to learn more.
  • STT 1600 Introductory Statistics Lab Information
    Visit the STT 1600 Introductory Statistics Lab Information page for resources for students taking STT 1600.
  • Math Courses for Non-Math Majors
    Course desciptions, prerequisites and textbook information are available on the Math and Statistics Courses for Non-Majors page.
  • Math Help
    Several programs and services are available to assist students with math and statistics courses on the Math Help page.
  • Practice Tests
    Some MTH and STT courses have common departmental final exams. Visit the Practice Common Final Exams page to learn more.
  • Calculators