Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Course Syllabi

Some class syllabi are available for download. If you do not see your class listed you will need to get your syllabus from your instructor.

Important: Though many courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics use a common departmental syllabus for all sections of that course that are offered, the faculty has the option to use their own syllabus (which may not be posted on this website) instead. The student is responsible for having the correct syllabus and meeting all deadlines, test dates and due dates for their section.

The syllabi listed below are for current and upcoming classes. If you require a copy of a syllabus from a previous semester or from a quarter-version of a class, please email to request a copy.

You must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download and view the syllabi. You may download the reader from the Adobe website.