Department of Chemistry

Master's Theses


Student Thesis Link Advisor
Mia Williams-Burnett (PDF) Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Corey Baldasare (PDF) Thesis Dr. Paul Seybold
Cody Fourman (PDF)


Dr. Daniel Ketcha

Zahida Humayun (PDF) Thesis Dr. Eric Fossum



Student Thesis Link Advisor
Sohan Ahmed (PDF) Thesis Dr. Steven Higgins
Miriam Crane (PDF) Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Hannah Fetters


Dr. Eric Fossum

Baxter Foskuhl (PDF) Thesis Dr. Audrey McGowin
Jessica Wiese (PDF) Thesis Dr. Audrey McGowin
Ashley Wilcox (PDF) Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel




Student Thesis Link Advisor
Amanda Solis Conde Thesis Dr. Kenneth Turnbull
Jessica Dagher Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Kelsey Hood Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Kotiba Malek Thesis Dr. Kuppuswamy Arumugam
Luke Meyer Thesis Dr. Eric Fossum
Meredith Miles Thesis Dr. Kuppuswamy Arumugam
John Ryan Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Amy Slaybaugh Thesis Dr. Eric Fossum
Kraig Strayer Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Richard Williams Thesis Dr. Rachel Aga



Student Thesis Link Advisor
Amira Moayad Alsenbel (PDF) Thesis Dr. Audrey McGowin
Ali Akbar Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Gregory Bowers Thesis Dr. Ioana Pavel
Nathaniel Brackett (PDF) Thesis Dr. William Feld
Matthew Cerone Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. William Feld
Giovanni Covarrubias Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. Eric Fossum
Daniel Greene Thesis Dr. William Feld
Sarah Jindra Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. Steven Higgins
Kyle Liddy Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. Kenneth Turnbull
Joel Schmitz Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. David Dolson
Rachel Stuck Abstract (PDF) Thesis Dr. Eric Fossum
Jonathan Tumey Thesis Dr. Kenneth Turnbull



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