Department of Chemistry - Chemical Demonstration Shows

New Schedule for 2016


Dr. Fortman with The Good? Book

Dr. Fortman Book Burning Experiment 1

Dr. Fortman with the Book on Fire

Dr. Fortman's Book Experiment 2

Dr. Fortman Reading the Good? Book

Dr. Fortman's Book Experiment 3

Professors Emerti Rubin Battino and John J. Fortman have been providing chemistry demonstration shows for middle and high school students for approximately thirty-five years. The show runs ninety minutes, contains over forty demonstrations, and has been watched live by perhaps as many as 250,000 students. Annually these professors work their "Magic" to show students, "If it isn't chemical, it isn't anything." Joining the demonstrations the last few years has been Kirby Underwood, Freshman Laboratory Director for the Department of Chemistry. Details regarding for this future shows will provided when available. To view a previous show, go to Wright State's streaming videos. Click on 'Highlights" under the Categories tab. The Chemistry Demonstration Show will appear in the list. Click on the show and enjoy the presentation.

Department of Chemistry - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Event with Middle School Students

Dr. Lunsford STEM Class

Dr. Suzanne Lunsford leads a group of middle school students through two tasks: solving a crime scene investigation and creating a simple polymer using safe common household items. This program allows students to perform science experiments without the need for safety goggles and gloves.