Women in Science Giving Circle Award Recipients

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Student Scholarship Award Recipients

On April 18, 2017 the Women in Science Giving Circle (WISGC) hosted a reception to announce the 2016 student scholarship award recipients.

We are very proud to add these exemplary women to our distinguished list of scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients:

  • Katelyn Adams
  • Andrea Bell
  • Lauren Magee
  • Megan Reed
  • Abigail Schmidt

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Major
2017 Katelyn Adams Mechanical Engineering
2017 Andrea Bell Psychology, BNS
2017 Lauren Magee Earth & Environmental Sciences
2017 Megan Reed Biological Sciences
2017 Abigail Schmidt Psychology, BNS
2016 Maria Dodd Psychology
2016 Molly Donovan Mechanical Engineering
2016 Kaylee Eakins Biomedical Engineering
2015 Michelle Bricker Computer Science
2015 Clarisse Mukeshimana Chemistry
2015 Melissa Ward Biological Sciences
2014 Kristina Burban Chemistry
2014 Lauren Shafer Biological Sciences
2014 Corrie Spradlin Chemistry
2012 Arlene Maliekal Exercise Biology
2012 Amanda M. Sherwood Exercise Biology
2012 Elizabeth E. Stayrook Biological Sciences and Chemistry
2011 Shannon Collins Psychology
2011 Kelsey Danner Earth & Env. Sciences
2012 Tori Jackson Sociology
2010 Alyssa Fosnight Engineering Physics/Math
2010 Diane Iragena Biology/Pre-Med
2010 Molly Miklasevich Psychology
2010 Christina Thomas Biology/Pre-Med
2009 Carla Benton Physics
2009 Krista Lewis Psychology
2009 Lorraine Ramirez Biology
2008 Dorothy Carter Psychology
2008 Jennifer Englemann Computer Science and Engineering
2008 Brittany Henry Biology

Faculty Research Grant Recipients

On April 18, 2017 the WISGC hosted a reception to announce the 2017 faculty research grant award recipients.

We are very proud to add these exemplary women to our distinguished list of grant recipients.

Congratulations to our grant recipients:

  • Mary Fendley, Ph.D.,
  • Debra Mayes, Ph.D.,
  • Cristina Redki, Ph.D.

Previous Grant Recipients

Year Recipient Department Research Area


Mary Fendley Biomedical, Industrial & Human Factors Engineering Engineering, Humans in Complex Systems
2017 Debra Mayes Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology Mechanisms controling neurodegeneration and cancer
2017 Cristina Redki Population & Public Health Sciences Areas of global health, global mental health and resilience factors
2016 Courtney Sulentic Pharmacology and Toxicology

Toxicology, immunological and nanoparticles

2016 Rebecca Teed Earth and Environmental Sciences Paleoecology
2015 Naila Khalil Center for Global Health Environmental Epidemiology


Smita Krishnamurthy BSOM Pathology/Dermatology 
2015 Gengxin Li Mathematics & Statistics Biostatistics
2012  Adrian Corbett NCBP Physiology and Biophysics
2012  Heather Hostetler BMB Nuclear Receptor Regulation
2011  Dragana Claflin Psychology Neuropsychology
2011  Audrey McGowin Chemistry Analytical/Environmental Chemistry
2010  Kate Excoffon Biology Molecular and Cell Biology
2010  Barbara Kraszpulska NCBP Biomedical Education
2009  Lynn Hartzler Biology Respiratory Control/Comparative Physiology
2009  Ioana Pavel Chemistry Bio-Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology
2008  Paula Bubulya Biology Molecular and Cell Biology
2008  Julie Skipper Biomedical Industrial and Human Factors Engineering